3 main website ingredients

having a website involves three basic costs:

The Development of the Website, the Hosting of Site and registering the domain name.

The development of the site, or the ‘building’ as we call it at Alcimi HQ usually involves creating the graphics, text, links and codes and mixing these elements together to construct all the web pages. As this is the main foundation of your website, it’s also the most expensive. Furthermore, what’s important to remember is that the cost of your website is a one-time investment for the sake of growing your business. It is always accessible.


Hosting the site means the website files are put on a large server so your customer can access your site by clicking through the Internet. A web hosting service provides all the technologies and services needed for the website to be accessible on the Internet.


Domain Name

Every business needs a domain name, as it’s what people type into the Internet search engine to find your business.

Registering the domain name involves reserving a unique web address, personal to you, where users will find your website.

Of course, process depend on the size and compatibility of your website, as well as the number of amends that are required. If your site is an E-Commerce or an online business, then prices will increase, due to time and software requirements that are needed to make it.

For a fully functional first website, Alcimi can provide a Professional Website suited to your budget and meet any special requirements you may have.

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