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Slack Features: 5 Things We Love About Them!

5 things Alcimi love about Slack features.

Picture this: you’re in the office, some are at home, and you don’t have to talk or walk to get the attention of your colleagues. Sounds perfect? We know! Slack is the best place for communication no matter where your team is; there are so many features that are a staple to our working day and help us to function well as a business. 

Slack Features


Okay, maybe it’s not the most integral characteristic that Slack has, but GIFs are such a good tool to use to add life to the online chat on Slack messages. If you want to make a co-worker smile, or just use some humour for your team members, GIFs are perfect and really add something to #OfficeBanter. 

Slack Channels

There’s a little bit more of a serious one here: channels on Slack mean that we can organise our work and be more productive. We can collaborate effectively in either public channels or private channels which is great for when we need to connect to different groups. In addition, we can also create a channel for a project, topic or team which means we’re extra systemised when working. 


We can customise Slack to work for us. This means that we can install apps to unlock more tools and therefore work more collaboratively. It is so much easier when things are in one place, and makes our working day more integrated with all the handy tools that we need to continue working in the best way possible. One of the best integrations is with Monday!

Video Call

Working from home? In a different office? The messaging just not cutting it? Don’t worry, Slack has it covered: we can video call and explain whatever we need to, just as good as if our colleagues were next to us in the flesh.


Another Slack feature is that we can automate our tasks to build a better work schedule. This is an all round great feature to help us organise our work and gather requests to easily find what we need to. It’s extremely helpful to create custom workflows that work for us whilst using messages and files as well.

So, all in all, Slack features bring us together as a team and means that we’re never far away from one another, regardless of location. It means that communication is quick and efficient, and we can quickly drop messages or calls that help us manage our working day better. It is truly something we are grateful to have whilst we are so busy and needing to collaborate. Not to mention the #OfficeBanter that we can score with GIFs!

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5 things Alcimi love about Slack features.
Author: Amy Williams
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