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Our Work, Our People, Our Values

Alcimi is a digital transformation agency based in Warrington and Budapest. We combine the creative power of British marketing with the analytical rigour of Hungarian IT expertise – working together to deliver profitable, customer-centred strategies and solutions for its clients.


Automate the boring stuff

We are passionate about delivering inspired, practical and innovative results for our clients. Our commitment to making lasting change is the thing that drives us, and our clients love to work with us because they know we’ll make it happen.

Our goal is to radically change the way organisations across the globe engage with their audiences and make marketing and technology a true force for good. We help charities, businesses and government institutions to use their creativity, experience, skills and technologies to make meaningful connections with their target audiences.

how we work

You choose the destination we will take you there

We empower companies to fully automate their digital processes; deliver speed, transparency and better results at lower costs by leveraging agile methodologies. We believe in empowering the digital expert in businesses to manage the flow of information and make better data-driven decisions in all industries.


Multinational high-performance team

Motivated, experienced, continually improving cross-functional Alchemists that follow consistent processes for planning, implementation, and reporting.

As Alchemists, we harness the power of cloud technology to design, develop, iterate, and execute innovative projects to ensure clients success.



We think long term and don’t sacrifice long-term value for short-term results.


We listen with intent and think before reacting, to gain a better understanding. We are concise and articulate in speech and writing.


We accomplish incredible amounts of important work. Demonstrate consistently strong performance, and strive to be the person that we would like to rely on.


We learn rapidly and eagerly. We seek to understand our strategy, market, customers, users and suppliers. Everyone is broadly knowledgeable about business, technology, design, and marketing.


We re-conceptualise issues to discover practical solutions to hard problems. We challenge prevailing assumptions when warranted and suggest better approaches. We create new ideas that prove useful. We remain nimble by minimizing complexity and finding time to simplify.


We are open, honest, and direct. Constructive feedback is part of our continued testing and reviewing, this is how we achieve continuous improvement.

are you ready to future proof your business?

We are on a mission to help our clients find their competitive advantage through disruptive digital innovation.

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