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Alcimi’s Jargon Busters: Social Media

Social media is prolific; it’s a great pastime, a way to stay connected, and there’s a lot we can learn from it. However, as the digital world grows, there’s a lot of jargon that we have to keep up to speed with. It is easy to become confused or a bit lost with the different terms floating around online. So, what do they actually mean? 

That’s where we come in with Alcimi’s jargon busters, here to help you understand the lingo online. At Alcimi, we like to simplify as much as we can to make digital transformation as easy as it can be. That’s why we’ve got some social media jargon busters to help you along the way on your social media journey. Let’s start jargon busting…


You may have seen this term flying around everywhere on social media. People are crazy for information on algorithms because it has a lot to do with how much engagement you get online. But, what does it mean? An algorithm is basically a defined set of rules to solve a problem. The social media terminology means a set of rules that decides which posts come up first in your feed. It’s definitely worth looking at the algorithms on social platforms to make sure that you are getting the most from your posts.

A/B testing

This one is all about the analytics and ‘behind the scenes’ of social media posts. Use A/B testing if you want to measure the performance of your posts, and compare the engagement of the social media posts that you put out. If you change something about your posts, like your CTA for example, you can compare two of the posts to see which works the best. A/B testing can be really effective for both organic and paid posts, so worth having a look at for your social media strategy. 


This one might be quite self explanatory, but the term is very important when you’re planning your social media strategy. Growing your audience means spreading brand awareness which is why it is so important for your business. So, your audience is anyone who you want to reach out to online with your content. For example, your followers, or any other group of people who see your content or interact. Your audience should be who you keep in mind when having a presence on social media. 

Ads Manager

With this one, you can manage ad campaigns. It’s a Facebook tool that can be used for Instagram too, and it has a wide variety of features that can benefit your business’ social media strategy. Take a look at ads manager if that looks like something that would be good for your business.


This basically means analysing data, so finding patterns within the data which you can then interpret for insights. Looking at analytics on social media is looking at your online performance so that you can improve your social media strategy. You can measure how effective your posts are by looking at the analytics to see the engagement rate.

Average response time

You need to pay attention to average response time because you need to make sure that you are meeting customer expectations. This term means the average time it takes you to get back to customers online, whether that be for a question or a complaint. It is a key part of your business reputability so you want to make sure that you are efficient and taking average response time into account. 


Yes, it is the name of the film, but here we’re talking about Avatar’s in the social media world. Basically, your avatar is your profile picture; any picture like a photo or logo that represents you. 

Social Media Jargon Busters to Improve your Social Strategy

So, there’s all our jargon busters for the letter ‘A’ – you’re now a social media pro! We hope our jargon busters helped you to learn more about social strategy and will assist you on your social platforms.  If that was beneficial for you, you’ll have to head over to our socials (our jargon busters will mostly be on TikTok) to find the rest of the alphabet. There is more being posted for you this week!

For more tips and tricks in the digital world, contact us at Alcimi and we can assist you in your digital transformation journey.

Alcimi's jargos busters: social media
Author: Amy Williams
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