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the benefits of having a website for a small business

What are the Benefits?

Like many small business owners, you may believe that your business will not benefit from having a website, or that it’s not within your budget to have a website because you think it’s too expensive.

However, having a website is an essential tool to make your business succeed.

If you get it right, your website will be the best tool you have for promoting your business. That’s why at Alcimi, we want to help you get it right.

By having a well-designed website, your business will appear more professional. In fact, it could make your business seem larger than it is to your customers, and better still – your competitors!

Starting a business can be very daunting and expensive. The cost of building a website is considerably cheaper than buying or renting premises. By having a website, you will be able to attract custom from people from all over.

Whether it is four o’clock in the morning or a bank holiday, the internet never has a day off, therefore your business is open all the time, without you having to make any effort at all. If you choose to have an E-Commerce website (an online shop) then your customers will be able to dictate what or when they want to buy, rather than limiting themselves to store opening teams, and without the extra cost of paying staff in a shop.


What does your Website need to do?

Your website needs to give your clientèle an idea of what your business does.

The look and feel of the website is very important; the images you choose, and they content on the website all contributes to how you and your business is portrayed to potential customers. It’s important to note that the content on your website needs to be regularly updated. An easy way of doing this is to set up a blog. By writing short articles every few days, it keeps everyone up to date on news, announcements and services from your industry.

This shows customers the site is current, and can also help your Google rankings, making your business look professional to users.

It seems like an obvious point, but many business owners forget to include contact information, or opening hours on their websites.

For many customers your website is the first place they will look to find out where your business is located, therefore it’s always good to include a map of where they can find you.

Lets’ make sure your business is on the map.

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