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Christmas Countdown: Guide to Personal Branding

You might have heard of personal branding, but do you really know what it means or how it could benefit you? Well, personal branding is fundamental to business strategy. Especially if you want to give complete authenticity to your audience. So, seeing as it’s nearly Christmas and consequently the new year, why not look into your personal branding strategy? We’ve got the best tips for you to become the best at personal branding so that you can come across well to your audience; once you present your brand in a certain way, you will become more approachable on digital platforms. If that sounds good to you, then carry on reading and see what you can do, digitally, to improve your personal branding. 

Why do I need a guide to personal branding?

First of all, you should work on personal branding because it’s more authentic. A friendly face, a friendly tone, and presenting topics that you’re passionate about, means that you come across more relatable. Once you build trust with your audience online, the more they will want to interact. By finding what is intrinsic to you, it will benefit how you’re presented.

Find your niche 

The first tip for a guide for personal branding is finding your niche and what you want to post about. What are your values? What is unique to you specifically? Your audience will really be able to tell if you are true to your topic or not. So, there’s no point in covering bases that you’re not 100% with. Rather than covering a magnitude of subjects, find your niche, and then you will find the right audience, too. 

Use storytelling

It’s no secret that, as a writer, I love storytelling. However, there is complete truth to storytelling being effective especially in your personal branding approach. There’s no bias here, I promise. So, storytelling in your content means that you give more substance to the point that you’re telling. If you think about it, if there’s a story behind a point, then it’s more interesting, engaging, and also comes across with more integrity. Try to use structured storytelling across your content on online platforms and it will keep the reader interested for longer.

How to get across your authenticity

Being authentic online is key to personal branding. How do you come across authentic though? Make sure that you have a clear tone of voice and that you stay consistent. You want your audience to know who you really are and for them to get to know you through digital platforms. If you’re consistent, then you will build your integrity and therefore establish your brand. So, when you’re building your brand, keep your values and personality at the root of your content and then keep it consistent throughout. That will show your authenticity. 

The best guide to personal branding 

Now you’ve heard all of the above, how will you start your personal branding? I think first of all, make a list; write things down, make a collage, plan all of your ideas. Once you have the core of your passions and aims in mind, then you can start to plan your content and get ahead with personal branding so that it creates long term success. Once you know what your niche is, what you’re interested in and what you’re passionate about, your authenticity over digital platforms will be obvious. Make next year your year for personal branding!

Here at Alcimi we specialise in content planning and business branding. Contact us today and say hello to see how we can help you with personal branding!

Guide to Personal Branding
Author: Amy Williams
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