Cyber Security Consultancy

Cyber security and risk management

Cyber security is like the proverbial apple-a-day where prevention is always better than the cure. Having a strong IT system in place alongside efficient cyber security protocols means your business can take advantage of the opportunities of the digital economy.

Many small businesses (and plenty of much larger ones) often don’t employ a secure IT strategy that also includes a strong focus on cyber security protocols until it is too late. Assessing risk-exposure and acknowledging cyber risk management before it’s too late is not only sensible, but saves time, money and a lot of unnecessary stress. Implementing cyber essentials is fundamental for business continuity.


Cyber security training and implementation

Cyber security might be the least acknowledged, but the number one, IT security issue a business will face. Alcimi understands this and will review and establish good cyber hygiene within existing strategy and policies to secure business information. We work to, and exceed, current quality policies to implement effective risk management.

Reacting in the right way to cyber attacks requires planning, to ensure current security architecture is up to date as well as establishing testing controls against any potential threats. We work with you to gain understanding of your current responses from isolated breaches to more damaging cyber threats through cyber security consultancy. Our team of cyber security experts can perform penetration tests for incident response as part of a risk assessment.


Cyber security strategy

Alcimi recognises that cyber security threats can be overwhelming for small businesses making it less of a priority than other business pressures. However small, cyber security should be included in any technical strategy of your company. We can test and audit your IT system to highlight anything you might be vulnerable to.

We believe in having a strong defence against technology threats. Alcimi can review, design and implement cyber security, cloud technology and your IT strategy, no matter what the size. So when cyber attacks do happen, you are already defending against it. Our cyber security consultancy services can give you peace of mind for information security management. We can offer your business a response plan and data protection to reduce any cyber incidents or information risks.

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