Digital Audits

Why do you need a digital audit?

When was the last time you truly assessed your business? A digital marketing audit helps business owners generate an honest review of performance, customer perception and market position. It can also identify areas of opportunity and new avenues for growth and improvements.

Your website is the focal point of your business. It is perhaps the biggest investment you make. It could be an ecommerce store making sales or a lead generation website attracting new prospects and customers. A digital audit assesses if your business is achieving the goals you’ve set through a comprehensive analysis of your digital capability and digital performance.


Unlocking the power of a digital audit template

Not all businesses come in the same shape and size and different sectors will often have different priorities.

Only by having a thorough digital audit including: performance analysis, sector analysis, competitor analysis, SEO positioning, audience analysis, PPC positioning, and strategy recommendations, can you guarantee your website is working for you, and not the other way around.

A digital audit template allows a business to optimise the user journey with informative content and clear structure. Even the colour of your website can have a significant influence on online engagement, leads and ultimately sales for your business.

And it goes a lot deeper than just what people see on your website, a digital audit examines the technical side of your website too. Poorly configured code or SEO can have a huge impact on performance analytics like speed and visibility in Google rankings.

Digital audit tools to streamline your business technology

At Alcimi our digital marketing experts bring focus to your digital strategy to establish a digital framework for future success.

We work with businesses in every sector offering a complete evaluation of all digital performance including website, digital strategy and insight into technical issues across your website.

An extensive digital marketing audit will investigate, measure and offer actionable recommendations to enhance your digital offering, helping you stay ahead of the competition and at the forefront of your customer’s attention.

are you ready to future proof your business?

We are on a mission to help our clients find their competitive advantage through disruptive digital innovation.

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