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Digital Transformation Dos and Don’ts for 2022

Everyone should know these digital transformation dos and don’ts. What do you know about digital transformation? There’s right and wrong ways to do anything, and with digital transformation there are key ways that you can devise a successful strategy. So, what should you do when it comes to digital transformation, and what should you stay away from? Well, we’ve listed a couple of key ‘dos’, the go aheads for your digital transformation. And, there’s always things that you should stay away from. In this case, there’s a few things that could hinder your digital transformation journey. Let’s have a look at what are the green lights and red lights of digital transformation in the new year of 2022. These digital transformation dos and don’ts are going to really help you have a happy new year in the digital world, so let’s dive straight into the first one. 

DO review your cyber security strategy

Here at Alcimi, we always stress the importance of cyber security, and 2022 is no different. The online safety of your small business should be something you think about as a priority before you begin digitally transforming your business. If we look at the world after the past couple of years, remote working has been on the rise. With a magnitude of businesses turning to working from home and hybrid strategies, cyber security is more important than ever. You need secure servers, the correct malware and virus protection, and give employees the correct training when it comes to cyber security. 

DON’T forget to be agile in your approach

If you review your previous work strategy then you can remodel to be the most efficient that you can be. Digital transformation is all about staying agile in your approach and being able to change strategies easily to improve communication, collaborativeness, and overall speed. Basically, it inherently makes your work strategy more robust and effective. That’s why it’s important to constantly review and react when it comes to your digital strategy. 

DO use data to guide your decisions

Data should always play a fundamental part in your digital strategy. That is what will digitally transform your business. Use your metrics and analytics to determine your approach. That’s how you will know what is working and what isn’t. Have clear goals in place and then use the data to find out what point you’re at currently so that you can assess what direction you need to go ahead in. From there, you can set realistic KPIs and move closer to your final aim. 

DON’T forget about your customers and online audience

Your customers matter in pretty much any instance. When it comes to digital transformation, they can act as the pivotal point for any business move. Ascertain the direction which will benefit your business the most. In this case, lead with digital strategy to find out about your customer experience and then understand the customer journey so that you can adjust your strategy accordingly. Once you have that information, the better the user experience, the more it will then benefit your small business. 

Digital transformation dos and don’ts for 2022

So there you have it: digital transformation dos and don’ts for 2022 that will help your small business to thrive and reach innovation. Do you have a clear digital transformation strategy in place for this year? Our advice would be to lead with a clear, concise digital strategy that includes these tips. Have you looked at your cyber security strategy? Are you going to review the data you have before making business decisions? Happy new year and happy digital transformation!

Here at Alcimi, we specialise in digital transformation, offering cyber security consultancy and digital strategy in our agile pods. Want any advice or guidance? Contact us and say hello today!


Digital Transformation Dos and Don’ts for 2022
Author: Amy Williams
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