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Colour Psychology: How Does Your Audience Perceive You?

How does colour affect your mood? When you think of yellow, does it make you think of the sun, spring, some daffodils? If it does, do they make you happy? We’re not trying to give you an English lesson here, but those days in the classroom haven’t gone to waste. If you remember the lessons when you had to analyse why the author used certain colours and what that meant about the character, then the same kind of psychology can be applied in your business and marketing strategies. We apologise if you were never an English Literature fan! 

These things are important to remember when you’re thinking about the content that you’re putting out and the colours that you’re using for your branding strategy. You need to put thought into how you want your brand to be perceived and how your colour scheme will represent that. The meaning behind the colours of your brand is so important to how you will be perceived online. If you’re a small business just starting out in the business world, you need to think about your branding. This is where your colour scheme becomes so important. So, what colours connote what meaning about your brand?

Orange colour psychology 

First of all, have a think yourself: what do I associate with the colour orange? What have I seen that is of the colour orange? People often perceive a colour subconsciously. The colour orange affects the person’s mood by getting feelings of excitement, and this might be because it’s a bright colour. So, if you want to be seen as energetic and fun, then orange could be perfect for building your brand. It also calls the mind to feelings of enthusiasm, so that’s a positive way for your brand to be perceived. If you want your audience to think of your small business as fun, energetic and enthusiastic, then you could maybe consider the colour orange in the colour scheme of your business’s branding. 

Yellow colour psychology

We touched on yellow in the introduction and that’s because the colour yellow is often the easiest thing to associate things with. Why? Well, here’s a fun fact: the brain releases serotonin when it sees the colour yellow. That’s why it’s often associated with happiness and positivity and it’s an easy one to identify. You really need to analyse what the personality of your brand is as to whether the colour yellow is appropriate, because even though it promotes happiness and positivity, there might be another colour that suits your company values and cultures more than this one. 

Purple colour psychology

If you’re a creative agency or a creative business, then this one might be for you! Purple actually connotes creativity, and that means that you could use this colour in your branding if you wanted to be seen as more creative than corporate. It also portrays the brand as unconventional, so this is something else to note in purple colour psychology. Do you see your brand as creative and unconventional? 

Colour perception 

There are a lot of things to think about when you’re trying to grow your small business, but your brand is a really big one. Colour is just one thing that you should consider when you’re thinking about it. But, don’t forget that you also need to match everything else in your branding as well. That’s things like tone of voice; ensure that you have complete brand consistency (more on that in tomorrow’s blog!). Of course, orange, yellow and purple colour psychology are only examples of what you can use, so have a look at other colours that might be the best to represent your small business. It’s a good way to start off building a brand that your target audience remembers!

Look out for our brand consistency blog tomorrow!

We hope that we’ve helped any small businesses establish elements of their branding for business growth. We can help small businesses grow through digital transformation. Contact us and say hello, we can talk about how we can help you.

Colour Psychology
Author: Amy Williams
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