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DON’T do that, do this instead: how to stop procrastinating

Procrastination: the hindrance for all of our successes. It’s something that I’m sure everybody has been guilty of from time to time; when your to-do list piles high and seems like it’s never ending, but you seem like the end is completely unreachable. 

Don’t worry, there are ways to overcome procrastination and to reach full productivity. I don’t know about you, but I feel so much better when my list of tasks are all ticked off and I’m on schedule to meet deadlines. Time management is the key to stress management, because the more productive you are, then the less there is outstanding for you to do and therefore more time to work on different tasks. So, how to stop procrastinating then?

There’s a few different ways that you can have a successful working day, and we’ve got you covered. So let’s begin with the first tip on how to stop procrastinating. 

First tip on how to stop procrastinating: set realistic goals and rewards

Your goals need to be realistic but also optimistic, too. When you think about your goals, make sure that they’re attainable but that you’re ambitious with them. Think about your aim of what you want to get done in the next hour, day, or week, and then make a note of it. Then, alongside it, write the reward that you will get if you complete it. Breaking it down and then having an incentive will be something that keeps you going and staying on track to complete the tasks that you need to do. 

Use the 2 minute rule 

This might just be the best tip for your success. Trust us when we say that this technique will change your life if you’re a big procrastinator! What is the 2 minute rule? Basically, it’s changing your mindset on a task. Downscale any task to 2 minutes so that you begin it. For example, put on your to- do list ‘read 1 page of my book’ rather than ‘read every night’. You’re more likely to begin the task if you do it this way, and, think about it; if you start the task and do it for 2 minutes, you’re probably going to continue it, too. Think about even going for a run, change the task to ‘put my trainers on and tie the laces’ because then at least you’ve started your task. 

Eliminate distractions 

We can all get distracted by anything around us; people, devices, noises, other tasks. Really think about what you need to do in order to focus. Do you talk too much to colleagues? In that case, maybe you should work from home one day or try to find a silent area. Do you often get distracted through focusing on too many tasks? Maybe write a list and break tasks into a schedule. The more thought that you put into the way you work and understanding your distractions, the more you can make progress. A big one might be answering calls or texts on your phone when you’re in the middle of tasks. If that’s one of your barriers to productivity, maybe put it on ‘do not disturb’ and eliminate your distractions. 

How to stop procrastinating

Now you know how to stop procrastinating, you can put down your phone and try these tips! Being productive is what makes us feel successful at the end of the day, and by stopping procrastination, you’ll feel so much better. So, let’s conclude: set goals and partner them with rewards for incentive, test the 2 minute rule to get yourself going with a task you’ve been putting off, and also identify your distractions and then eliminate them. Good luck for your most productive day yet!

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how to stop procrastinating
Author: Amy Williams
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