facebook introduces new tools

Facebook has announced it’s releasing a handful of new tools, aimed at protecting its users from online bullying.

New comment moderation, reporting and appeal tools

First, Facebook will be giving users more control over how people comment and interact on posts. After the update users will be able to hide or delete multiple comments on their posts.

This new feature is rolling out on desktop and Android and will become available on iOS in the upcoming months.

Being a victim of cyberbullying can be stressful, and some people may not feel comfortable reporting a bully or harasser. If you see a friend or family member being harassed on Facebook, you can now report it on behalf of them.

Users will also be able to appeal decisions on cases involving bullying and harassment.

Better Protections for Public Figures

Earlier this year, Facebook expanded their policies to guard against the harassment of young public figures. In the next coming weeks, they aim to further expand on their policies to better protect public figures against harassment regardless of age. Severe attacks that directly engage with a public figure will not be allowed under the new policy.

If anyone experiences unwanted behaviour on Facebook, they can report the person, anonymously ignore unwanted messages and block a user, without them being notified.

“We hope the additional steps we’re taking will help people who face bullying and harassment on Facebook. We know our job is never done when it comes to keeping people safe, and we’ll continue listening to feedback on how we can build better tools and improve our policies.”

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