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Good News Small Businesses, we Can Help Your Creative Block

OK, so before we start: grab a cup of tea (or coffee), pick up your coat and go outside. Keep this blog open on your phone or laptop and sit in the fresh air. This is your first step to overcome your creative block. 

I’m guessing that you’re reading this because you’re either curious about creative blocks, or you’re suffering from it right now. So, that’s why you’re better off in a different environment. Trust us, it really does help; going on a walk or going to a new work space can really help to get creativity flowing and help to find some inspiration. 

But, that’s only the first thing. There’s a lot more that you can do, too. In fact, there’s a pretty long list that can help you understand creative blocks and encourage a fantastic idea in your small business that could lead to ultimate business growth.

What actually is a creative block?

Creative block is where you literally have a block of creativity in your mind, whereby whatever you do, you won’t have the same level of productivity or creativity. It prevents you from producing the work that you normally would do and blocks your creative output. Unfortunately, there’s no immediate cure, but there are things that you can do to help. 

Have any famous people suffered from it?

You’d be surprised how many famous creatives there are that have suffered creative block and then come back to produce some of their best work. One big one is Picasso, who had a creative block after he and his wife got divorced. His friend said that he didn’t go into his studio for months after the divorce, and that was because he wasn’t feeling inspired or in a creative mindset. Then, he suddenly returned and quickly published some of his best work. So, this is a great example of how you can lose your creativity but can get it back with a fighting force. 

How do I overcome it?

There’s a few different things that you can do to try and prevent, ease and get rid of creative block. But, like I said before, there’s no complete cure and you shouldn’t force it either. So, let’s talk about that as our first point:

Don’t get frustrated 

Whatever you do: DO NOT STRESS. It’s easy to become frustrated, but the more stressed you get, the less likely you’re going to be creative. If you have more things on your mind, then there’s less room in your mind to generate creative output. So, when you feel a creative block, do your best to take a break, do something mindless, and then begin to think about it again once you’ve had a break. 

Change your environment 

Remember when I said to go outside at the beginning of the blog? Here’s why: changing your environment will give you new scenery and then consequently offer more opportunity for inspiration. If you’re just sitting at your desk staring at a screen or you’re in the workplace staring at a wall, then it’s not going to do you any favours. Try a new workspace or get outside for a walk, because that could be where you get your best ideas. 

Just pause 

So, when I said grab a drink and sit outside, to me, that’s the perfect way to just pause. Whatever your comfort is – and make sure it’s a mindless activity – do it and take your mind off what you were doing beforehand. A happy creative mind means that it will have more room for ideas. 

Help your creative block

So, it might seem daunting if you experience a creative block, but it really doesn’t have to be. Try to accept it and don’t panic, and then think strategically about what might be the best thing to do for your mind. You’re probably familiar with the phrase, ‘be kind to your mind’, and that’s what applies here. Don’t get frustrated with yourself or make yourself feel bad, because you eventually will get over your creative block and you will resume full creativity. Hey, you might even produce something as great as Picasso. So, we’ll leave you with that:

Be kind to your mind & be the next Picasso. 

We have a podcast episode with our Digital Copywriter on the subject of creative block. Click here to listen and find out more. 

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Creative Block: Picasso
Author: Amy Williams
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