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Small Businesses, How Easy it it to Share Your Brand?

We’ve got a talking point this week for a bit of a discussion, and it all came from our Creative Director, Paul. You might have seen the likes of Apple and other businesses sharing their brand for other businesses to use, but how easy is it to share your brand to consumers? We’re going to be discussing the pros and cons of the parts of your business that you can share, so that you can have a good think about whether it should be something that you could consider and whether it would benefit you – especially if you’re a small business. We’ve broken it down into 4 questions that are up for discussion… 

Do you share your brand guidelines?

Okay, so let’s jump straight in and really assess whether this would be a good or a bad thing. When it comes to brand guidelines, they’re pretty personal. Your brand guidelines are completely and utterly intrinsic to your business, and as well, if you’re a  start up business, then you’re still getting known for them. But, could sharing these actually grow your business? If you think about it, if you share your brand guidelines then they’re actually reaching a bigger, wider audience; that’s what everyone wants. But, how far are you willing to go?

Would you ever share your social media assets?

Your designs, your logo… let’s stop there, because even they’re a lot to consider as it is. Think about the kind of social media assets and how you use them. Is your style recognised yet? How well known is your brand? Could they be misused? There is a fine line between risks of misuse from sharing your brand, and spreading brand awareness, so ensure that you have a clear envision of exactly where your actions will lead to. 

What about website templates – would you give them away?

Website templates would really help some businesses, because it would share your brand far and wide so that your style becomes recognisable. In this case, think about whether it’s worth all of the work you put into the templates. The questions that you could pose to your business strategy is: will I get more out of sharing this than the work I’m putting into making my website shareable? Once you have made a decision on this, you know exactly whether it’s worth your while or not. 

How easy is it to share your brand with consumers?

You need to weigh up how easy it is to share your brand and if it’s really worth it. Basically, you have the choice of letting your brand reach wider audiences or just keeping your online assets in house, away from any misuse. With any business, the answer is different and it’s imperative that you reflect on the contrasting factors so that you have a deep understanding of how it can affect your business. So, How much would you give away?

Head over to our TikTok account Alcimi_Digital where our Creative Director shares his thoughts on this topic!

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how easy is it to share your brand
Author: Amy Williams
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