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Be Authentic: THIS is how Small Businesses can Write Creatively

How small businesses can write creatively: grab a notepad, you’re going to need to make some notes for this one… 

Being creative and providing interesting content is what makes you stand out online. Your audience will find you authentic if you have your own original and unique style of writing on your online posts. There’s plenty of ways that you can show your authenticity online and that’s what we’re going to go into today. 

Scribbling down ideas on a notepad is, personally, how I like to make notes that then spurs on creativity when I’m writing. Determine what works the best for you and then use the technique that encourages your creativity and sparks a creative idea mind map. It will pay off in the long run!

Let’s have a look at how small businesses can write creatively for their content…

How small businesses can write creatively: make a cracking headline

It’s make or break, it’s fly or fail: your headline is the thing that determines whether your audience wants to continue reading. So, make it snappy and make it original, but also make it relevant. You see, if you choose a  headline more ‘click-bait’ and not relevant to the content, then it’s likely that your audience will click onto your piece of content but then not go any further once they’ve realised it’s not what they’re looking for. This will increase your bounce rate, which really isn’t good for your SEO. 

You want a headline that’s creative, sums up the content that’s in the piece of writing, and also sounds enticing. Grab the reader’s attention, but then make sure that the content follows through. Your headline really is important when it comes to creative writing because you need to make sure that you attract the audience but then you keep them there; the headline should be a good synopsis of the main premise of your piece of writing.

Be extra unique in style 

Okay, it might be easier said than done. You’re asking the question that everyone does: how can I be unique? Well, really think about what you want your audience to know you as. is that being professional? Fun? Friendly? Approachable? Try to think of the writing style that really reflects who you are. How would you speak? Maybe throw some of your dialect in your writing, or a greeting that you tend to use that makes you stand out. 

Additionally, think of content that is unique to you as well. What could you write about that makes your writing creative and unique? Is there a certain achievement you’ve had recently? Or, what about your culture within your small business that people may find interesting? These are questions that you can ask yourself about your small business so that you can come up with content subjects and focus. Once you have creative content ideas, writing it should come naturally after that, too.

Research your topic of writing well

Make your audience get something else out of your content; something that they won’t get anywhere else. By doing your research, you can provide new information which your audience may not have heard or read before. Bring something new to your audience, because that’s what will make your writing especially interesting which will naturally make the piece more creative. Your audience will then be more intrigued and gain more knowledge from your piece of writing, which is ultimately what you want. A well researched piece of writing will act as the foundations for your creativity. 

Remember SEO whilst doing this 

How small businesses can write creatively: good headline, be unique, do your research, and still think about SEO. That means researching your keywords to fit them in with your creative content, and also writing a creative meta description as well. Try to incorporate these things into your content so that it flows well. From an SEO point of view, using keywords evenly distributed across your piece of writing will pay off. Try to learn writing techniques or do writing exercises that will get you used to being creative whilst also keeping SEO in mind. It should improve your writing too!

How small businesses can write creatively

Being creative is one of the most fun things that you can do whilst thinking about branding for your small business. Think outside the box; writing is a form of creative output that relies heavily on new and interesting information. The power of words is a wonderful thing, and that’s why you can achieve so much by just thinking about how to write authentically for your content. So, in short, be authentic, be you, and most importantly: be creative. No one is you, and that is your power; go wild with your words and see where your creativity takes you!

We offer copywriting and content creation services to aid small business growth. Have a chat with us today to see how we can help you!

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Author: Amy Williams
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