How to sell on social media

Social selling, does it work?

Selling on Social?

If used correctly, Social Media can be a rewarding platform. After all, the number of social media users worldwide is forever increasing. Now that is A LOT of potential customers!!

Social media is a great way to drive more sales; it is a free tool that can be used to encourage lots of people to purchase a product/service that you offer. In this blog, you will discover 4 ways to sell more by using social media.

Which Platforms do your customers use the most?

For a successful social media plan, it’s important to assess where your customers are most active. Conducting an audit to discover where your customers talk most about your brand, industry, products/services is an important step. There are lots of Social media marketing tools available to engage with potential and existing customers.

Make your purchase process easy to use!

The best advice I can give to you doesn’t over complicate your social media marketing. Most consumers look for simplicity. Think about it: If your selling process is short, sweet and easy to use you’re going to get more sales and more recommendations!

Build your network

Even though this seems obvious, it’s surprising how many people think they can build their businesses network over-night. It takes a lot of commitment, time and lots of patience – but it is possible. What I can suggest is to set yourself daily, weekly and monthly goals to ensure you are always hitting your targets.

Search through social sites to find people who are talking about your industry, or are using relatable keywords, then retweet/engage/follow/like. By contributing to your prospects discussions, you build them up and grow your own network.

Encourage Customer Reviews

Social media is one of the best tools for building brand loyalty and gaining followers. In today’s digital world, it’s important to display your customer reviews on your social media sites (particularly on Facebook) whether they are positive or negative. You may be thinking, why would I want to display negative reviews on my social channel? But by doing so, you prove you have nothing to hide and makes the positive reviews sincerer. A balanced mix of online reviews benefits your business by adding elements of truth to your brand, therefore aiding in building that all-important customer trust.

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Furthermore, if you are looking for help in building your network, improving your social media channels and increasing your brands’ presence online, contact us today to find a social media marketing plan that is perfect for you!

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