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EXACTLY How UI & UX Design Can Help Small Businesses Grow

They go hand in hand, they design and develop a website, and they help you get the most out of your digital strategy. Do you know what we’re talking about?

*Drum roll*

Introducing: UI & UX design…

You might have heard us talk about UI and UX design when we discuss web design, and that’s because they’re extremely valuable design and development elements. Do you know the difference and do you know how they can help small businesses grow? We’re here to tell you every last detail so that you’ll be sure to rocket above competitors in your industry!

What is UI & UX design?

So, let’s break it down first of all. UI is user interface, which means the aesthetics of the website. Think about the colours, the layout, the typography; this is where you’ll probably need a graphic designer (there’s a lot of other benefits for having a graphic designer, too).  So, what’s UX then? That’s user experience, so quite literally focuses on the user’s experience on your website. It’s basically checking the usability of the site, which looks at navigation and accessibility needs. UX really looks into the construction of the content and researches the potential users. Really, you can think of UX as the architecture of the site map, and then UI as the creativity of the site. 

Are they important?

In short: very. We usually scream that from the rooftops! From a creative design point of view, UI & UX design make it an equal balance of creatively designed and usable from the audience. They are the aspects of a website that will make your audience want to stay on your website. If you’ve thought about what it looks like AND how it’s used, then you’re going to get good customer satisfaction from your website which means that they’ll want to come back again. 

Also, through looking at both the usability and the aesthetic, you’re giving the audience exactly what they want; they’re not going to want to go anywhere else. 

Provide the audience with confidence in your company and then you won’t face the risk of them going elsewhere. It’s all connected: bounce rate, CTR, impressions, engagement. Think about how well your audience will interact with your website if you consider both UI & UX design. It’s worth looking into it. 

How can UI & UX design help small businesses? 

So, that brings us along to the conclusion of how exactly both elements can help small businesses grow. There’s so many benefits to really considering both design and development elements and that’s what will make your audience stay interested and engaged.

 Basically, small businesses grow through growing a customer base. So, if you think about what your audience wants to get from your small business, then you’re more likely to retain them. As your website is so fundamental to your business, having one that your audience enjoys visiting will help you grow. Therefore, using  UX and UI design well across your online platforms will help your small business. 

 You know that song ‘it’s always better when we’re together’ – well, yeah – that’s the perfect song to associate with UI & UX design. Have you thought about these elements for your small business?

We help small businesses grow through creative web design that attracts your target audience. We can help you with UI & UX design, have a chat with us today to find out what we can do!

How UI & UX Design can help
Author: Amy Williams
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