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Monday Motivation: How to stay positive at the start of the week

First of all, happy Monday! We hope you had a good weekend… 

Sometimes, we all feel the Monday blues. Trying to get your organisation, motivation, and determination back in check after a weekend out of your usual weekday routine can prove to be difficult on a Monday morning. When a new week comes round, if you have a positive mindset, it usually follows through to being a productive week where you get everything done that you need to. 

Have you had the Monday slog today? Do you feel like you need some motivation to get you through? Well, if that applies to you, don’t worry because we have some cracking tips that will give you all the motivation you need. And, of course, we are Alcimi –  so they’re not all inspirational quotes – we lead by strategy. 

Have you written your to-do lists?

To-do lists are a saviour on a Monday. If you have a bit of brain fog, then writing down the tasks that you need to do can help to organise your thoughts so that you have a clear strategy in place to accomplish your goals. Put together your thoughts, write them down, and then assign them to tasks. Once you have a list of tasks, break them down and schedule them throughout your week. Once you have a clear plan and a timely method to achieving your goals, you’ll have a more positive mindset to start your week. 

What is your best routine?

Working out the routine that works the best for you is essential to making a successful plan. Mitigate your stresses and have a firm routine in place that you will be thankful for by Friday. There’s no better feeling than getting to the weekend with a clear to-do list that’s all ticked off so that you can relax; make sure that your list is accomplished by setting out a clear routine which will give you the Monday motivation you need to get you to the end of the week. 

Preparation is key

You probably already knew this. But, do you actually know how to prepare the most effectively? Like we said above: have a routine and make a clear to do list. But, there are other ways that you can prepare so that you can gather the Monday motivation you need for a productive start to the week. Set up meetings, speak to colleagues, review your calendar, and set reminders. These are all ways that you can get prepared for the week and build your Monday motivation. Preparation is a great way to feel motivated to have a clear plan for your week to get the most out of your time. This is the perfect time to digitally transform your business, by using digital platforms to organise your time collaboratively and effectively. 

Monday motivation to give you positive vibes

We all get the same feeling on a Monday morning, and more often than not, it’s one of two: either a struggle, or full of motivation. Hopefully after these tips, yours is the latter. Monday’s don’t always have to be full of motivation; it’s okay to give yourself a slow Monday and to try again on Tuesday to build up the motivation that you need. But, there’s no harm in trying to get the Monday slog to disappear by using these tips and getting more productivity out of your day. We’ll finish on saying: take it at your own pace and don’t get frustrated if you can’t shake off the Monday slog. And, why not one inspirational quote to end on?

“Today is the opportunity to build the tomorrow you want”

Here at Alcimi, we specialise in digital transformation to make work strategies easier. Chat to us today and find out how we can help you!

Monday motivation
Author: Amy Williams
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