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MUST WATCH: Top 5 Netflix Industry Related Shows

Netflix and learn. What better way to spend an evening on the sofa soaking up all the digital marketing knowledge that can help you to improve in the digital sphere?! We’ve got some Netflix recommendations to help you with anything in marketing, tech, social media and business; the best industry specific shows to demonstrate exactly what you should and shouldn’t do in the digital world! So, what are you waiting for? Sit on the sofa, grab the remote, and why not get the popcorn, too. You can also listen to our podcast The LAB where our Creative Director, Paul, chats about these Netflix recommendations; you can listen to the episode here. Anyway, let’s move onto the shows, you don’t want to miss these… 

First of 5 Netflix industry related shows: Social Dilemma

If you haven’t guessed, this one is about Social Media. It’s a documentary that has whistle-blowers at Facebook sharing information on data, manipulation and algorithms on the platform. If you want an insight into what goes on behind the screes, then grab the remote and switch this one on…

You can watch the Social Dilemma here!


Fyre is a great example of how to not do marketing. It shows exactly what can go wrong when it comes to marketing and organising an event; this documentary tells the story of how a festival goes wrong when trying to market a Members Club and using an artist booking platform. It highlights how there needs to be transparency and communication between marketing companies and businesses. In the same way, it shows bad examples of influencer marketing and how consumers should do their research before listening to information online.  It’s a good watch, so definitely recommended!  

You can watch Fyre here!


This is a perfect series to watch about a tech startup company. It’s based on different characters that start up a company in Miami and come together; it’s a good insight into the industry. Season 3 has just come on Netflix and our Creative Director really recommends this one! 

You can watch Startup here!

Billion dollar Code 

This show is to do with software and security. It’s about German hackers versus those for Google Maps, where there’s a dispute over the code and engine used to create what is now Google Maps. It’s a really interesting watch about the development world, and it’s a true story, but you’ll have to have a watch to find out more…

You can watch Billion Dollar Code here

The Great Hack 

This one is also a true story and it’s based on Cambridge Analytica. It gets you thinking and throws in questions to ask yourself; all about data and social media manipulation to persuade a vote like the US elections. It triggers some forward thinking around ethical marketing as well. Do you fancy watching that one?

You can watch The Great Hack here!

Top 5 Netflix industry related shows

So there you have it, there’s our Netflix recommendations to help your knowledge in the digital marketing world. There’s many dos and don’ts in the industry, and hopefully these are good demonstrations to help you improve with any strategies that you’ve implemented in the digital sphere. What did you think of these Netflix shows? Did anything shock you? Let us know if you’re going to implement anything new after giving these a watch!

Here at Alcimi, we specialise in digital transformation, say hi and contact us today to find out how we can help you!

Netflix Industry Related Shows
Author: Amy Williams
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