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We Know the Newest Social Media Updates & Small Businesses Should Too

Social media trends change all the time. Sometimes for the better, and otherwise not. For consumers, new trends are exciting because we want to know the best new thing. That’s why, as a small business, you should really look out for the newest social media updates so that you can amend your social media marketing strategy and your content plan accordingly. What new features are on Instagram? Is there an easier way to use TikTok? How can Twitter work better for me? All of these questions might be ones that go through your head when you think about social media, and they change so often. So, we’re here to help you keep up with the times and find out the newest social media updates. Let’s take a look… 

Newest social media updates starting with Instagram

Ever got annoyed because you’ve been recording an Instagram video and it cut off before you wanted it to? Or, on the flip side, watched someone else’s where that’s happened? A bit annoying, isn’t it? Well, not anymore! Instagram has launched a live test of longer videos in stories. Woop WOOP.  If you’re a small business wanting to have a longer Instagram story, whether that be for talking about a product to showing around your business features, then your wish has come true. Happy story-ing!

What about Twitter?

If you know about analytics and performance, then you understand how important they are. Basically, Twitter is launching an updated tweet analytics card, and that will mean that there will be a more specific performance insight. You can see specific data about your impressions, clicks and engagements, which means that for a small business, you’ll be able to see what’s working and what’s not. Twitter is a great platform for small businesses and now it will be much easier to review your content strategy and see how your social media marketing strategy is affecting business. Amazing!

Let’s have a look at the newest social media updates from TikTok

Tiktok really made it’s mark whilst we were in lockdown. An app that gave us laughs, entertainment, and a lot of dances to learn. Since 2020, it has grown and grown, and stolen the hearts of many. I know that, at the moment, it’s my favourite social platform. So, what are the newest social media updates from TikTok? Well, you can now tag other profiles in your video clips! AND they are also testing a new ‘business registration’ option. Sounds good for all you small businesses out there! Collab with other businesses and tag them, or tag a customer; this update could mean so much for you. And, the business feature is pretty self explanatory as to why that would be good for you! If you haven’t already got TikTok, then now might be the time!

How knowing the newest social media updates can help you

In the digital world, it’s forever changing. That’s why it’s important to keep up with all the new updates. You want to keep up with it, leverage all that you can, and then watch your social platforms thank you for it. Who knows what is next for social media platforms? We have talked a lot about the metaverse recently, and more on that is coming up in this week’s podcast and another blog at the end of the week. As tech lovers, you’re not going to want to miss them. How are you going to use the new social media updates?

Here at Alcimi, we offer social media marketing in line with trends and content planning. Contact us and say hello today to see how we can help you!

Newest Social Media Updates
Author: Amy Williams
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