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Our Alcimi Guide to Social Media Metrics

Do you track your social media metrics? You really should as part of your social media strategy. If you’re unsure about what social media metrics are, how you track them and what they mean, then don’t worry because we’ve got you covered! There are main social media metrics that you should keep track of, that are imperative to being agile and flexible in your strategy. We’ll be talking about engagement, reach and impressions, ROI and response time, delving into why they are so important for your small business. Let’s start off with engagement for the first in the guide to social media metrics. 


There’s a lot to track when it comes to engagement. It’s over a wide category and looks at how actively involved your audience is with the content that you’re putting out. Think about the likes, comments, clicks and shares that you have from a post across networks; that’s the engagement that you’re getting. It’s the amount of people that engage with the post in a certain way. This is good to look at because it shows if people are enjoying your content. If you measure engagement, then you can track which kind of content works the best. 

Reach and Impressions 

Impressions are how many times a post shows up in someone’s timeline, whereas reach is the potential unique viewers a post could have. Think about shares and retweets; calculating reach would mean adding up the retweets that have been shared cross network. Tracking these social media metrics will be useful for brand awareness. If you look at impressions and engagement together, you can usually find what content your target audience finds the most interesting. If you’ve got high impressions but low engagement, then it’s probable that your audience didn’t find your content interesting enough because they didn’t stop to interact. 


ROI is return of investment. This includes referrals and conversions. Referrals are the sources of how the user has landed on your website. Conversions are when someone purchases something from your website, so when your content has led to an action. The click through rate goes had in had with ROI because it measures the clicks on your site that have led to a sale. These two are handy to track because it shows if your social media strategy is working in regards to your sales strategy. 

Response time

You should track your response time and your response rate because it shows the customer’s experience with your brand. If you look at how quickly your team is replying to comments and messages, that will show how reliable you are seen as by your target audience. You want to get there before your competitors do, which is why this social media metric is so important. 

Social Media metrics map 

The social media metrics map helps you to devise the right approach to your social media strategy and for you to be able to define objectives. Below are the steps that you should take for a good social media strategy:


Create awareness by exposing your target audience to brand content.


Generate demand through brand content and engagement.


Drive conversion by encouraging target audience to click through to deals on offer. 


Delight customers and drive engagement through customer care.


Activate customer influencers and use posts and outreach to inspire. 

Guide to social media metrics

There’s a magnitude of social media metrics, but these are the main ones. They’re so important because they will tell you how successful your campaigns and strategies are over time, meaning that you can amend your online strategy going forward to improve. It means that you can be more agile and change as you see fit. We hope this guide to social media metrics was useful for you to grow your small business. Now you know about engagement, reach and impressions, ROI and your response time, are you going to review your socials?

Here at Alcimi, we offer social media marketing, and can share insights with your social media metrics. Say hello and contact us today to find out more!

Guide to Social Media Metrics
Author: Amy Williams
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