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Power of Email Marketing: What is it & Why Should I Use it?

The power of email marketing for an effective marketing strategy. How much have you thought about yours? When it comes to exploring different ideas and looking at industry insights, the best thing to do is to try new ideas. That’s the power of email marketing; trying new ideas to see what your audience would enjoy, and having the benefit of knowing if they saw it, opened it, and enjoyed it. Yes, that’s right, email marketing gives you the chance to do just that; you know if they’ve opened your email, clicked on any included links, and you can also see if they’ve unsubscribed (hopefully not!). And, that’s not the only reason you should use it. Let’s have a look at all of the other reasons that show the power of email marketing.

Power of email marketing over social media

If you think about the amount of the accounts that you follow on social media and the amount of content that you put out, the chance of the audience seeing it is less than if you directly send the content. On social media, there’s a chance that your posts won’t even be seen by your intended audience. The power of email marketing is that you know that the content will land in their inbox and you’ll know if they’ve read it. 

Personable to your audience

Again, think about going on social media – how many different accounts do you follow? There may be hundreds or thousands that you see content from. With email marketing, you’re only going to see one. It will feel more personable to your audience if you send an email directly to them. 

You can see insights easily 

You can see who has opened your email, what links were clicked, and who unsubscribed. So, you can therefore see what content worked well and what people didn’t engage with. That’s great in order to know what to use in future as part of your marketing strategy; when you think about content, it’s all trial and error, and you can see how to progress with your content and how to approach your target audience.

Audience is notified 

Think about when you get an email – do you sit and look at the notification, or do you open it straight away? If you get alerted, then you’re more likely to open something, and pay attention to it. With email marketing, it’s a lot more effective in this sense; the reader will definitely see it. Whether they open it, click on links, or enjoy it, is a different story – but the chances are higher because they’re being notified and consequently seeing more of your content. 

The power of email marketing for your business

Your email marketing strategy could go a long way to extend your customer base. If you’re putting out the news and content that your audience wants to see, then they’re  more likely to stay interested, and that’s what leads to business growth. Have a go at email marketing and find the possibilities for your business. Where to start? Pick your topics, find your audience, and start to think about when to schedule. If you need some help, we can help you with email marketing. Give it a go!

Get in contact today if you want to begin your email marketing strategy. We can help you get a better audience reach and devise an effective marketing plan.

Power of Email Marketing
Author: Amy Williams
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