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Productivity Hacks for a Successful Working Day

Monday mornings, midday slogs, creative block: they’re all examples that could make us feel unproductive. Sometimes it’s not as easy as just switching productivity on and off within ourselves. But, what are the ways that could help us improve productivity? We’ve worked on some hacks for the workplace to try and find ways that work for us to overcome any barriers in our way of a productive day. Let’s have a look at some productivity hacks that have worked for us and that you can try… 

Productivity hack number 1: don’t multitask! 

Although you might think that it feels better to have several tasks started all at once, it actually reduces your productivity. Make sure that you concentrate on one task at a time to get the most out of your day. It might feel like you’re getting more done, but it actually reduces brain power quality. There’s a statistic to prove it: multitasking reduces productivity by around 40%. The ultimate key to getting your tasks done productively is keeping your attention on one task at a time. 

Use the Pomodoro technique

The Pomodoro technique is a time management method, where you work in intervals. It’s really helpful to use in order to remain productive and get the most out of your working schedule. The way it works is taking regular breaks; set the timer for 25 mins and do some intense work, then follow with a 3-5 minute break. Then, after 4 cycles, increase the break time to 20 minutes. It’s something that we have found works really well. It keeps your mind more focused and alert, therefore meaning higher quality work and getting much more done!

Remove distractions

If you’re easily distracted, there are ways that you can try to mitigate those daily distractions so that you can stay focused and become more productive. I think everyone can say that distractions do get in the way from time to time; especially if you procrastinate, then you’ll take any distraction as an excuse to move onto something else.

Mobile phones. Do I need to say more? They’re definitely the biggest distraction that comes to mind. You might be wondering what that text says, or what’s new on Twitter, but once you’re on your phone it’s a hard habit to break. So, make sure you switch your phone on silent or even put on ‘do not disturb’ so that the temptation is less. Also, make sure you don’t go on social media during your ‘task time’. I think a lot of people would agree that social media can be extremely enticing, and is responsible for many distractions whilst doing a task. Rather than wasting time on social media, just try to not go on it at all between certain hours that you need to complete a task. 

Productivity hacks that work for you

Being productive isn’t always easy, but it’s something that you can work on by keeping some productivity hacks in the bank. Find the ones that work for you the best, and then you can put them to use when you need to. It’s all about trialling what benefits you. Let us know your productivity hacks or tell us if any of these have helped you to conquer a productive working day – tag us on social media with your best productive achievements this week!

Here is some recommended reading to assist with your productivity and habit development.

  1. Limitless – Jim Kwik – 
  2. Routine Machine – John Lamerton – 
  3. Atomic Habits – James Clear – 
  4. Tiny Habits – Bj Fogg – 
  5. The Power of Habit – Charles Duhigg – 

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Author: Amy Williams
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