the national emergencies trust


launching the charity, website, branding, marketing, events and development


The National Emergencies Trust, a charity created to raise and distribute money and support victims at the time of a National domestic disaster, required a recognisable standout brand.

The Alcimi team were approached by the National Emergencies Trust board to assist with creating a brand new national charity. Firstly a brand that could sit alongside many well established National and Global charities.

The second phase would consist of building an online platform to develop further as the charity grows.

The third phase would be assisting with launching and marketing NET, bringing our team’s experience and skillset along with new ideas in building a brand.


Alcimi started with several consultations directly with the NET board. Once completed we then created all aspects of branding content required. The website would follow as a simple platform linked to all social, donation platforms and partners.

Following the brand and online content NET would also require all aspects of design, marketing, video for the launch events taking place across the country. This included information, event material, signage and videography.

services required to deliver this project


web design


social media



The National Emergencies Trust now have an established brand they can continue to grow and promote across all media. NET promises to be a leading revolutionary when it comes to online charity user systems and experience.

With plans to expand the charity to a wider audience and develop the online experience further, we look forward to continuing working with NET and everyone associated. You can visit and donate via their website below;

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