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What are the Social Media Updates This Week?

The digital sphere is notorious for its fast paced movements when it comes to updates and changes to platforms. Well, what are the social media updates this week? There’s quite a few and some juicy updates from platforms that we think you’ll really want to know about. Let’s find out the latest social media gossip and discuss why we should care so much about the social media updates this week. 

Why should we care so much about the social media updates this week?

If we’re agile and respond to social media updates, then that means we have a better chance of getting more exposure. If we know what is going to be favoured the most on each platform, then that means that we can potentially get further engagement and achieve more reach.

What’s new with Instagram?

I think this might be my favourite of the social media updates this week. This is one that I think we’ve all been waiting for. Remember back when IG first became popular, and you can see the feed in chronological order? Well, that’s coming back as an option on Instagram. Not only that, but you can also choose for your feed to be algorithm free! What will you be choosing? Personally, I think it’s great that people get the option again. But, who knows if it will work as well as we are anticipating… we’ll have to wait and see.

What about Twitter?

There’s two things that are new with Twitter, and both good updates IMO! First of all, there’s another option to increase the utility of Spaces, meaning that some hosts can access full Spaces analytics. So, that’s good for seeing a range of performance insights. Twitter also has an option for keyword research in DMs, so that it’s easy to find mentions, and there’s a filter option too! Very exciting stuff. 

Is there anything new with YouTube?

OK I know I said that the Instagram update was my fave, but this one is pretty good, too. YouTube will allow you to watch TV shows for FREE in the app. Crazy, huh?! Is this the new way of watching the tele? Who knows, but we’re soon to find out…

Social media updates this week  

So, that’s the social media updates this week. What do we think? Do we like them, or do we think we’ll be craving the old way of doing things? Whatever the answer, they’re worth a try to see if we prefer them to the old way of doing things. Let us know your thoughts!

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Social Media Updates This Week
Author: Amy Williams
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