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The Perfect Christmas Cocktail: SEO Tips

It’s a week before Christmas eve! Is your tree up, your tinsel hanging and your Christmas lights above the fire?! The festive period is always so exciting in the lead up to Christmas so we thought why not sit back with a Christmas cocktail and read about a perfect SEO recipe that could digitally transform your business! So, get your Christmas lights on, your cocktail shaker in hand and make this yummy cocktail that’s perfect to feel festive…

Salted caramel cappuccino martini

50ml baileys

25ml vodka

50ml of espresso

12.5ml salted caramel syrup

There’s no better way to celebrate this time of year than something involving baileys. Now, what’s the Alcimi cocktail that we’ve got for you? Well, take a look below for the perfect SEO cocktail:

First ingredient for fantastic SEO tips: Keywords 

Let’s start off with the first thing you need to put in your digital marketing cocktail shaker: keywords. They’re arguably the most important thing to help you have good SEO on your site to encourage more traffic through to your site. Do your keyword research, distribute them equally in your text, ensure you’re not keyword stuffing, and use them in your meta description. Ah, that brings me onto the importance of meta descriptions for SEO tips below…

Meta Descriptions

So, your meta description is the text that shows on the SERP when users see your page. You want your meta description to catch the reader’s attention and make them want to read more to improve your CTR. Additionally, you want to make sure that they sum up the page well so that you keep a good bounce rate.  So, you need to make it interesting but reflect what the page is really about, all in between 120-160 characters. This one is imperative: use keywords in your meta description.

Alt Text 

If you have any images on your site or in your content, then it’s important to add alt text and use keywords within it.  Fundamentally, that’s for accessibility and you want to describe an image to your audience who don’t have the ability to see it. That’s why it’s the most important, but it will also help with SEO. So, ensure that all your text has alt text and that it includes keywords. 


In any content, make sure that you have internal and external links. Basically, external links will improve chances of backlinks and then internal content will improve your CTR and make users stay on your website. Within your text, include links that are relevant and will improve the user’s journey. This is key for good SEO. 


These things are extremely important for SEO: H1, H2, and H3. The increased readability will mean that your audience is more likely to stay on your website and continue reading which results in good SEO. Make sure that your text is split up into sections and there’s no more than 300 words in each section. This will make it a lot easier to read. Oh, and use keywords in your headers, too!

Perfect Cocktail of SEO Tips

SEO comes from so many efforts on your digital platforms, but it’s 100% worth paying attention to them. So, make sure that the five ingredients are shaken and not stirred, to create the most perfect SEO cocktail for your business and in result, encourage increased traffic to your site. As it’s nearly Christmas, that means it’s nearly the new year, so what better time to start? It’s not new year, new you; it’s new year, new improved you. You’ll get that from this perfect SEO cocktail. So, enjoy both our cocktails that we gave you and use them in the festive period! Let us know your favourite cocktails…

Here at Alcimi, we specialise in copywriting and SEO. We can help your business digitally transform your business, so contact us and say hello to see how we can improve SEO for you!

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Author: Amy Williams
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