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content marketing – does it influence a purchase?

Think back to the last purchase you made. How did you find out about this product
Were you convinced by a video advert or an article you read?
I guarantee that most of you will say a video advertisement influenced your decision. This is because as human beings, we react more positively to visual stimulation as opposed to words on a page.
 Did you know that a one-minute explanatory video holds the same amount of information as a 3600-word document?
The key to content marketing is all about telling your target audience an authentic story in an entertaining and engaging manner.
 There are so many reasons why explainer videos are an essential marketing tool for your business.

explainer video

explainer video
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Firstly, Who doesn’t love to be entertained? A good explainer video, with engaging content can catch the viewers attention immediately.
On top of this, explainer videos have the power to increase sales, build trust, drive on-line search visibility and create a social buzz on all social media platforms.
In Summary, video absolutely needs to be part of your marketing strategy now.
It’s an easy, effective tool that is accessible to everyone, everywhere.
There is simply no time for hesitation; video marketing is not a new marketing tool, and chances are that your competitors are already using it in some way to benefit their business.
Don’t let them be ahead of the game, join them in the race – Let us at Alcimi help you with a video strategy that is unique to your business.

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