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why you need it?

what is a website audit?

A Website audit is a full analysis of everything relating to your websites level of search visibility. A complete and detailed website audit will provide you with a deeper understanding as to why your site is not generating the traffic it should be, or why your sales are not improving. An annual audit can help your website stay healthy and grow your business.

Why Do I need an Audit? 

There are hundreds of factors used by the search engines to determine how your site will be presented, some of these include:

  • Site Speed

  • Responsiveness

  • Content

  • Authority

As a business owner can you answer these questions?  

1. How many back links do you have?

2. Do you have broken links on your website?

3. Is your site loading too slow?

4. Is your URL structure benefiting you or not?

5. Do you have any Meta issues?

These are just a few things that need attention for proper optimisation, if you are unable to answer these questions… YOU NEED AN AUDIT.

No fear, team Alcimi is here …

Ensuring that a website audit is completed properly isn’t easy; we care about finding all the issues and offering simple and easy to use direction on how to improve your web presence. To show you our findings we offer an in-depth interactive report that is easily accessible.

Our hands-on approach and immersion into data from various sources gives you the best chance of improving your online business.

Every website audit should include the following:

A Technical Audit – Here we will check to see if your site is well coded, optimised for mobile and runs at optimal speed.  This audit will also include a review of pre-installed plugins and widgets and a security assessment.

On-Site Audit – here we will conduct a full review of all pages for proper keyword use in all relevant areas (header tags, alt tags, title tags, etc.).

Off-Site Audit – here we will analyse the backlinks (incoming links to your web page).  Backlinks are essential for SEO and help you rise the Search Engine Results Pages (SERPS).  We will analyse each link including anchor text within your content.

Social Audit – which will measure the effectiveness of your social media platforms. (FaceBook and Twitter)

If you are ready to get a comprehensive audit done on your website, or would like some more information, please don’t hesitate to contact team Alcimi 

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