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Alcimi’s WFH Tips & Advice For Success

Rewind to March 2020: the UK went into lockdown following a lot more places in the world. A pandemic hit, and we were forced to change our ways of working. Looking back, I think a lot of businesses can see the progress that they have made and celebrate how effective that they have been. 

We believe that there are always processes that can be changed or improved so that we can continue to achieve ultimate productivity and high standards of working. Whether you want to bring working from home or hybrid working into practice, or you’re looking to improve your WFH strategies, then we have some WFH tips for you. Let’s have a look at our first WFH tip… 

Our first WFH tip: communication

Communication is key. Not only whilst working from home, but in every way whilst working in a team or with clients. When your team is in different locations, you can be more productive if you keep in good contact with the team. 

Think about having regular meetings or setting up group chats so that the social aspect is still there whilst you’re in different locations. Working from home can take away the social aspect of being at work, so it’s necessary that there are good communication techniques in place. 


Organisation leads to good productivity. If you all have a clear plan and know what needs to be done, you are more likely to be effective. There are many different ways to do this; have morning meetings, consider what each member needs from the team, or look into a project management system. 

With working from home, sometimes it can be harder to know exactly what everyone is working on at different points in the day or week. You take communication in the office for granted at times, with the ease of turning to a colleague for conversation or questions. So, if you get a process underway so that you can see what everyone is working on, there will be better organisation and, therefore, a better way of working. 


As a digital transformation agency, it’s typical that we’ve made technology a big point for working from home. But, it’s true; technology plays a big part in effective and efficient working. You can simplify processes, stay connected, and be collaborative if you have the right technology in your business. We’re talking about things like messaging services, cloud computing, and project management tools. If you have better technology, you’ll leverage better processes.

Here at Alcimi, we use Monday for project management as it allows us to communicate well and see what the team is up to and how far they are on with a project. This really helps with the ‘working as a team aspect with working from home or hybrid working. We can even use Monday docs which are great for working as a team on a project! Additionally, we use Slack to stay in contact with each other because it allows us to have huddles or open group chats. Make sure that you look at different technological options and see which would work the best for you!

WFH tips to better your working strategies

Whether you’re working from home, back in the office or hybrid working, making sure that your team is effective is fundamental to organisational success. The pandemic has proven that no matter your location, you can still ensure that work is completed as it should be. If you’re not sure whether working from home could work for you and your team, give it a go by using these WFH tips. If you have good communication, organisation, and technology, you just might find that it’s really effective for you. 

We’ve crossed a pivotal time in our working strategies since 2020, and we should be proud of how far we’ve all come since before the pandemic. Let’s continue to champion our ability to work whatever the circumstance! 

We can help you review your work strategy. Contact us today to see how we can help you. 

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Author: Amy Williams
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