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What is ‘the cloud’?

There are a lot of terms and buzzwords within the technology sector, and they can sometimes sound more complex than they actually are. We’re here to help with that and to simplify the terms in order to make you understand them, and therefore show how they can benefit you and your business. One of the terms you might hear thrown around is ‘the cloud’, and you might have guessed it: they’re not talking about the white fluffy ones in the sky. So, in technology terms, what is ‘the cloud’ and why should you use it?

What is ‘the cloud’?

In simple terms, it stores your data in a network of servers. It’s basically the alternative to storing your data locally, and that’s why it’s more secure for your business. Rather than having data stored on your computer, it is stored on the internet, meaning it can be accessed wherever and whenever you need it. There are a lot of examples of cloud services out there, and they include Google Drive, Dropbox and Microsoft One Drive. 

Why should I use it?

The main reason that you should look into ‘the cloud’ is from a cyber security point of view. The importance of cyber security in businesses is fundamental and there are an array of different factors in why it’s so imperative in the digital world. If you think about where your data is stored, ask yourself: can this be stolen? If the answer is yes, then you are open to ransomware attacks, and that could be catastrophic for your business. A ransomware attack is where cyber criminals hack into your system and withhold your data as ransom. This is the main threat when having local storage, so it is definitely worth looking into if you do still store your data on hardware. 

Where do I start?

Setting up the right cloud for your business doesn’t have to be hard, and it’s something that we can do for you here at Alcimi. The first pointers would be to look at the data you hold, how much of it you have, and what kind of storage you need. Let’s go into the different terms used around it and types of cloud…


It is delivered over a network and accessed by multiple users on demand. 


It refers to storing your files somewhere other than your computer’s hard drive; ‘the cloud’ is part of cloud-based storage services.


This is storage on your mobile device, and there are shared resources of applications with integrated data. 


It is a software program where cloud-based and local components work together.


You can use a database that will run on a cloud computing platform, which gives access to the database that is provided as a service.

Hybrid cloud

With this type, you can use it on either public or private servers, which is both local and non-local; this is a very secure way of holding data. 

Public cloud

This is where individual files are held within the company who has the cloud storage. The reliability is good as the equipment is on the premises, so very efficient too. 

Private cloud 

This has a high level of security because it is used privately by one person or one business. 

A way to secure your business

So, now you know what ‘the cloud’ is and a bit about it, what do you think? If you feel that you would benefit from the cloud, then we can help you set up your own personal cloud to assist in securing your data and advancing in your digital transformation. You can be more efficient, more secure and safer with this set up for your business. 

We can help you to build your own data cloud, get in touch with us today to find out more.

what is the cloud?
Author: Amy Williams
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