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What to Expect in the Metaverse: How Will it Change the Digital Sphere?

The metaverse, where do we even begin to touch the surface?! Since Facebook changed it’s hosting name to Meta, it seems to be a big talking point in the digital world. More and more updates are surfaced, such as NFTs, avatars over social media, and predictions of the future of VR. Well, how will the metaverse actually affect and change the digital sphere as we know it today? Looking at everything meticulously in the digital sphere gives us a good insight into the changes that might occur over online platforms. So, let’s do a roundup of what we know about the metaverse and then conclude what to expect in the metaverse in regards to how it will change the digital sphere. First of all, what is it?

What to Expect in the Metaverse: The Metaverse in the digital sphere 

The metaverse is the bridge between AI and VR, and basically presents itself as a virtual reality world for gamers, social media, and social environments. It will even be a place for ecommerce businesses to leverage, and the events industry. In that respect, as an example, it means that customers could potentially try on clothes in the metaverse without physically being there. Or, be at concerts and events without actually being there, too. 

The rise of VR 

Virtual reality is becoming more and more prolific as time goes on and the digital world develops. Currently, there’s VR headsets that are more in demand, and VR gaming is currently getting more and more popular. Now, the metaverse is planned to bring more aspects of VR into day to day life, meaning there will be more equipment to buy in both hardware and in the metaverse, too. 

What part will digital avatars play?

In the metaverse, people will be able to interact as different avatars and 3D characters. It’s likely that there will be NFT characters and profile pictures. That means that different aspects of avatars can be bought, such as clothing and skins. More about NFTs below…  

What about NFTs?

Basically, it’s a unique digital token, because it stands for non fungible token which means that it can’t be replaced. NFTs can be anything digital. So, that means anything like drawings or music, and digital art seems to be the biggest form of NFT at the moment. What does that mean for the digital sphere? How will it affect it? 

What to Expect in the Metaverse

The metaverse is quickly coming to be the next thing that businesses are thinking about. Be ahead of the game; how will the metaverse affect your business and what action do you need to begin to take? There are things like NFTs and more immersive experiences that you can take advantage of, and now is the best time to start thinking about how you can leverage new technology and new aspects of the digital world. Will the metaverse bring a whole new meaning to digital transformation? Maybe…so it might be time to prepare. What’s your first move?

We can help your business prepare for the future of the digital world through digital transformation. Say hello and contact us today to see how we can help you!

What to expect in the metaverse
Author: Amy Williams
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