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If you’re a charity you NEED to hear this about brand consistency

Making your business come alive: brand consistency is what drives your potential. Don’t put your business’ success in jeopardy because you have missed a trick. The trick is important; build your brand, do it consistently, and target your audience effectively. Build trust, show your core values, make it easier for your business to be identifiable. You can do all of these things because of brand consistency, and you can establish yourself in your industry.

Branding is your personality and the way you can reach out to your target audience, personally through the digital world. You want to have effective brand consistency because this is what is going to lead to reaching your long term goals. Your goals are closer than you think…

Brand consistency to excel in success 

Brand consistency helps you to prove that you deliver results. Show your brand off and get your audience to know you personally. It’s a process that you need to be coherent with; it’s not going to happen overnight, and it’s only going to work if you want long term success. But, when you have brand consistency over a long period of time, built incrementally over time, you will reach success and begin to excel. Visual branding is creating brand recognition.

What should I think about to be effective?

Okay, so now you know why it’s important, let’s delve into how you can reach brand consistency. First of all, be clear about your brand and go through everything on your platforms with a fine tooth comb. Your tone of voice, your colour scheme, your style of images – are they the same across all channels? If it’s a no, get them gone. You need to be consistent to reach complete authenticity. Make sure that you’re taking all of your social media channels into consideration, too.

Once you’ve been clear about your brand, and got rid of anything that isn’t consistent with it, make sure that you adhere to guidelines. Create a style guide and make your brand guidelines clear, and then stick to them. Make sure that you are creating a consistent branding effort and branding identity to maintain brand consistency. That means having your target audience in mind, having a consistent tone, consistent brand style, consistent brand assets and consistent tone of voice.

Now, everyone has to know what should be at the core of the work. So, that means communicating brand guidelines with the team and then ensuring that they are stuck to. If one member of the team has a different idea about the branding, it’s not going to be consistent, so everyone needs to know exactly what the brand should be and how they should portray it.

If you’re distinct, then you will be memorable, so keep that in mind when thinking about brand strategy. Your tone of voice alongside your design elements should be cohesive. What do the colours connote? What does the style signify? How does the tone of the writing fit with these? They’re all questions to be asked to make sure that your brand message is clear and consistent.

How can brand consistency help?

Establishing yourself online can be hard if you’re not consistent with it. Think about your culture and your values and then make them the root of your content and your platforms. Let your personality shine through. What use is having a good team behind online platforms that don’t show it? So, make a decision and lead with it – if you want to change it, then you can, but then be consistent once you’ve made the change. It will pay off, we promise!

How are you going to establish your brand? We can help you to build your brand and give you a strategy for brand consistency. Contact us today to see how we can help you.

Brand Consistency
Author: Amy Williams
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