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Christmas Countdown: Content Strategy Tips for Charities

We’re nearly there: it’s nearly Christmas. That doesn’t mean that it’s too late for you to think about your content strategy, though. Whether it’s just your Christmas content strategy or one for all year round, we’re here to help you and give you some inspiration for future plans. Christmas is a time where you can really make some fun content and look towards the new year for new prospects. What’s the purpose of your message at this time of year? What kind of outlook do you have for next  year? Think about your target audience, priorities, aims for your charity and the kind of brand that you want to show to your audience. It may be that you’re trying to drive donations, get more exposure as a non-profit organisation, or get more fundraisers for example. Once you have those answers in place, you can begin with your content strategy. Now let’s have a look for what tips we have for you to construct a phenomenal content strategy.

The first out of the content strategy tips for charities: use structured storytelling

Storytelling can be more emotive, interesting, and relatable for your audience within your content. If you try to tell a story through your images and your text, you can attract the reader and they will be more interested in what you have to say. This is probably, for charities, one of the most effective things to ensure you are using in your content strategy. The reason that this is the case primarily for charities is because there are a lot of stories behind the work that you do, and the work you do for good and to make a change. So, structured storytelling is a  great way to capture the reader’s interest and target your audience. 

Why not collaborate?

You can think of content that involves other people within your organisation, or outside your organisation. If you tag more people on social platforms, then it could get more reach. Similarly, you could think about guest blogs which would then include more people who could then share from their platforms, and so on. Think of it like a snowball effect, where it gathers more and more people, with the more people that are involved. That’s how it can get more reach in the long run. Therefore, try to get as many people involved as you can!

Don’t just be friendly, be SEO friendly

To put it simply: search engine optimization is something that you always have to include in your content strategy. That means that you need to be thinking about what kind of things that your audience would be searching for. Why? Well, if you include the keywords that your audience uses, then you are more likely to reach them. For example, you’ll find the people who want to donate or find out more. Remember to do keyword research and include them in your content – you can base your content strategy around them – your audience may be interested in some topics more than others. We have some more SEO tips that you can have a look at if you need more guidance on that.

Content strategy tips for charities

Content for online platforms are the things that keep your audience interested. They will want to come back for more. Not to mention the incredible reach and engagement that you will get that will lead to long term success in any of your charity campaigns or appeals. That is why it is so imperative that you keep a consistent content strategy to lead to the goals of your charity. Don’t struggle with your content; be fun, make it SEO friendly, collaborate with organisations and people that you can reach out to. Most importantly, do all of this consistently. Consistency is key, and consistency definitely pays off. You won’t regret having a good content strategy, so start one now. 

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Content strategy tips for charities
Author: Amy Williams
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