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Copywriting Tips: Why Words Matter for Your Small Business

Words are wonderful. There’s no doubt about it, words build your brand and they establish your personality online. The semantics, phonetics, pragmatics, and specific language can signify and connote completely different things. Now, let’s have a look at the different kinds of words and see exactly why they matter so much to presenting your brand to your target audience. We have a podcast episode which also tells you why words matter so much when building your brand, and you can listen to that here. Anyway, let’s have a look at what words you can use and why they are so important, through our copywriting tips. 

Why are words so important to building your brand?

You want to set the tone with your audience and portray your personality so that you can really form your characteristics and establish who you are in your industry. Words can be so compelling, and you can really determine what you want to show yourself as. Is it direct, approachable, more colloquial or formal? They are just examples of what kind of ways that you can personify your business online. 

 Words can signify so many different meanings and they can evoke so many different emotions from the reader. That’s why when you’re building your brand or trying to get more engagement, words are really important. Especially the phonetics of words are the things that can emulate what you want your business to be known as. 

Copywriting tips: types of words that are important in setting your tone of voice

Learning about different types of words is so interesting in regards to building your brand. If you want to really push H2H marketing, then you could focus on the phonetics, if you want to be creative with your slogan then you could use more interjections or homophones for play on words. There’s a multitude of different ways that you can make your brand more interesting against competitors, just by knowing how to sound online. Let’s have a look at some that you could pay attention to:

Plosive sounds

These are harsh sounds like ‘k’ or ‘p’, so use more of these sounds if you maybe want to come across as powerful or direct in your brand. 

Fricative sounds

This is a sound that you make when you block an airway, so sounds like ‘shhh’, ‘f’ or ‘v’ for example. You could use these if you want to emulate a certain noise. 

Imperative mood

 These are ordering words like ‘do this’ ‘click here’, so you’’ come across as more direct. It’s good for persuading audiences, so worth looking into for your call to actions or if you want to command something. 


These are words that are spelt differently but sound the same. So, you could pay attention to these types of words in slogans or headlines, to create a play on words to make it more fun!


Humanise your brand through using fillers; these are sounds like ‘urm’, and ‘like’, words you’d say out loud without thinking. You could be seen as more friendly or approachable by using these in your content!


These words express emotion, for example ‘wow!’ or ‘oh!’ and these, just like above, can help to humanise your brand. 


 These are connecting words like ‘and’, or ‘but’, so it adds more variety to your content and you can provide explanations by using these. 


You probably know about adjectives, but it’s worthwhile mentioning them because they actually reach into emotive language. Adjectives are describing words, so the more you use, you could make your language more emotive and then that ties into persuasive language, too…

Persuasive language 

Persuasive language uses power words, and it’s vocabulary focused on how you want to make the reader feel.

Copywriting tips for your small business

So, what words do you think best suit your brand and who you want to be in your industry? Can you think of more creative ways to express your points through different types of words? Hopefully, now you have a wider knowledge on the types of words that you can use to present your small business to your target in the digital world. Use these copywriting tips to build your brand. It can be so fun when you really look into the pragmatics of the points that you want to share, so why not get started now?

Here at Alcimi, we specialise in copywriting and brand development. Say hello and contact us today to see how we can help you! 

Copywriting Tips
Author: Amy Williams
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