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SEO Tip for Increasing Organic CTR from a SERP Snippet

There’s a lot of abbreviations in the title of this blog, and if you’re unsure about the terms, have a read of our digital marketing jargon busters that we posted earlier this month. But, now we’ve got our number one SEO tip for you to increase CTR from a SERP. Increasing CTR is extremely beneficial as it means more traffic to your website, and it’s key to keeping your audience interested to reduce bounce rate. There’s a few techniques for how to do this, but some are more important than others. Want to know more? Keep reading for our advice on where you can get started with our #1 tip… 

What is our #1 tip for increasing CTR on the SERP?

In short: meta descriptions! This is our biggest tip for increasing CTR from the SERP, as we think it’s the best way that you can do it. You need to look into meta descriptions and then focus on making them the best they can be through a few different steps. Let me explain.

Firstly, if you don’t know that much about meta descriptions, it’s definitely worth your time to research what criteria you should meet for it to be the most effective. We have some factors for you to read through to ensure that you’re doing when writing a meta description, but first, what actually is a meta description?

It summarises the page in a snippet on the SERP, giving the reader an idea about what they can find when they click the link. The better the meta description, the more likely they will click on the link through to your page on the SERP snippet. 

The best meta description

Let’s have a look at how you should construct your meta description. First of all, make it catchy. What would the user want to know that you can provide them? Remember, you’re trying to make the user click onto your website, so you need to consider what factors will make them do that. Have a look at what the point of your page is and what the biggest selling point is. But, you also don’t want to make it irrelevant because you want the user to stay on the page, so ensure that it sums up a realistic idea of the page. 

Secondly, think about the word count. Formally, it is recommended that meta descriptions are 160 characters (or less), so it is important to be conscientious of the length of your meta description. Always pay good attention to the character count so that you can get the maximum use out of the meta description for increased CTR.

Additionally, and this is a big one: use well researched keywords in your meta description. Keywords help your rankings and ultimately are responsible for how many people you reach. In the meta description, you need to make sure that you are using your primary keyword and using it effectively in line with the other advice above.  

Increasing CTR on the SERP

There’s a lot of different things to consider when looking at your SEO strategy, but increasing CTR on the SERP is something that should be a priority. Make sure that you pay attention to your meta description because when done well, this heavily influences whether a user will click onto your website or not and consequently increase your CTR.

As we’ve already discussed, write the meta description well to hook the reader and make them want to find out more. Make it relevant so that the user knows exactly what the page is about to improve your bounce rate. And, potentially the most important: use keywords. Using keywords in the meta description means you have a better chance of ranking higher organically. Finally, ensure that you adhere to character count. That’s very important, and it affects SEO. With these factors and putting effort into your meta description, you can improve CTR from the SERP snippet. 

We can help you with your SEO strategy. Contact us today to see how we can help you. 

Increasing CTR on SERP.
Author: Amy Williams
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