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Web Design for Small Businesses: 5 Tips to Lead in Your Industry

What do you know about web design for small businesses? The reason that it’s so important is because your potential customers will look on your website to find out what you’re about. So, you want to impress them, show your company’s potential and make it easy for them to find what they’re looking for. When you think about web design for your small business, really understand the goal of the site as your first step and go from there. But, what is there to consider? We’ve come up with five ways that you can have successful web-design so that you get ahead of competitors and are the best in the industry, leading to impressive business growth. So, what’s first?

1. Web Design for Small Businesses: User Journey 

After you’ve thought about the goal of your site, you need to think about your customers. The user journey is one of the most important things that you can consider for website design; ensure that it flows well and looks good, but the mechanicals of the website needs to be paid attention to so that it functions well. Keep your audience in mind, and think about how they would use the site the most easily, and what would be interactive for them. If the website isn’t easy to navigate around, then you might put your audience off staying on your site, and you don’t want that! Keep them interested and make it easy for them to get what they want from your website.

2. Developers 

Design and development have to work hand in hand, going together as one success. If you have a great website design, you need to make sure that you have fantastic development so that it turns out exactly how you designed it. So, you need to ensure that the links are correct and clicks work accurately; you need everything to be linked up and aligned together otherwise the design might be great but the functionality lost. The development of the design of the website should enhance the design.

3. Intrigue and Engage

Make sure that your website looks clean and slick so that you intrigue the audience but also keep them engaged. Make the colour scheme, the fonts, and the images all reflect your company culture consistently, so that your branding is therefore consistent as well. Making your website intriguing and engaging will be the main thing that makes your audience attracted to it if you really show off what you’re about. 

4. Usability 

We’ve spoken about the general user journey, so now let’s talk about another important point that comes from it: usability. You need to make sure that the website works on both the mobile and on the web; think about the animations, the sizes and the colours, and how it looks different on different devices. You also need to consider accessibility for anyone with a disability and how the website can be seen, navigated and used easily. If you think about it, if usability wasn’t considered, then you could potentially lose a customer. No one wants that! 

5. Strip it back 

Nowadays, people want efficiency and easiness on a website so that it’s convenient, rather than looking aesthetic. When you think about website design, consider recent trends and what is liked the most by users at the moment. Currently, we are in the age of simplicity, but this could change. At the moment, use a website design that is more simple, so that it is clear and easy to use; people prefer convenience in this age so that they can find what they’re looking for quickly. But, monitor trends and keep up with the times. For example, think about in the future, it might be AI or VR. Predicting what your audience is going to want to experience should be a factor in designing and developing your website. 

Why web design for small businesses is important 

Here at Alcimi, we really believe in the power of branding. If you build your brand and then keep it consistent, then you’ll see results. Web design is like the book cover to the story of your company, personality, characteristics and what you’re about; make it good and make it one that your audience wants to stay and get to know. Having a website that matches the standard of your work and business is something that will serve long term results and success. So, are you ready to have the best web design in your industry? 

You could have the best website design in your industry and get ahead of competitors, contact us today to find out how.

Web Design for Small Businesses
Author: Amy Williams
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