More exciting news: we’re now a Sprout Social Agency partner!

As we are digital pioneers, it is important to us to have the best digital partners. That’s why we’ve become a Sprout Social agency partner, which is the social media management platform that helps us schedule our digital content. We work to use creative ideas for digital transformation, and that means that we want to have an easy way of getting it published online for maximum efficiency. After using Sprout Social to create content, schedule posts, size images, and engage with followers, we decided to partner up with them to have a whole range of new features.

So, here’s why we use Sprout Social and why it’s important to us to have a good digital partner like them; we have the four key components: engagement, analytics, listening, as well as publishing and scheduling. All four of these categories are what lead to effective use of social platforms which is important for growth.

We are now a proud Sprout Social agency partner.


With having a feature for engagement, we can effectively scale monitoring efforts with a unified social inbox. This then shows engagement efforts more clearly, meaning that we can be agile in our working by spotting trends early.


It’s easier to drive strategic decision-making when we can study analytics, because this  allows critical thinking. We can sharpen our social strategies which means that we can schedule different pieces.


By listening, we can uncover trends by seeing social conversations which then leads on to marketing strategy. That’s fundamental to planning our next move and direction online.

Publishing and scheduling

With publishing and scheduling on Sprout Social, we can plan, create, manage, and deliver the content and campaigns. With this being such a key part of digital transformation, which is integral for our business, it works much more effectively.

Sprout Social agency partner for digital transformation

On Sprout Social, we can make our digital space organised and coordinated so we can be prepared with business needs. We can do this with videos, copy, and graphics, across many different channels. These include Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, and Google My Business. Social media scheduling is something that is intrinsic to our working day; when work is done digitally, it is important for the digital space to be tidy which frees up room for more innovative work.

There’s even more fantastic features with Sprout Social, and one being that we can share a content planner with clients. In addition, we can work collaboratively by leaving notes for people which aids team working and leads to more productivity. Both of these attributes add value to our work as a digital transformation agency.

Now being a certified agency partner, it means we get access to additional features and therefore it solidifies us as a digital marketing agency.  We are proud partners of Sprout Social, and can’t wait to see how much we flourish after having them in partnership with Alcimi!

We are now a proud Sprout Social agency partner.
Author: Amy Williams
Created at: 06/08/2021

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