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5 Reasons Why Blogs are Important for Small Businesses

Blogs are a strong contender for the best content marketing tool. It’s because they reep so many benefits. Copywriting in any sense can be so beneficial to your marketing strategy, but blogs are a way to get more long-form content out there, which contributes to so many different factors. Ultimately, it’s going to drive organic traffic through to your website. So, let’s have a look at the top 5 reasons why blogs are important for small businesses. And, more importantly, how they can help your small business grow and get ahead of competitors. 

SEO purposes 

The first reason is that it is great for SEO. In your blog, you can do so many different things that will drive traffic to your website. That includes using keywords, headers and anchor text in your blog content. If you have an SEO strategy in place, then you can leverage the benefits through blogging. These are things that will lead to more sales, and further reach on online platforms. 

Lead Generation 

Blogging is a fantastic lead generation tool and here’s why: it provides value to the reader which then provides more conversions. If you include downloadable content and also creative call to actions, then you can optimise your blogs for lead generation which will lead to more sales. And, who doesn’t want that?! Make sure that you have creative call to actions for every blog that you publish, because that way you will point your target audience in the direction of your products and lead them to take action. 

H2H Marketing strategy

Through a blog, you can really develop your tone of voice and break the barrier that you can get in the digital world. When it comes to any digital content, there can be a wall between you and the reader if you don’t show your personality within your content. H2H marketing is human to human marketing, and it mitigates the barrier that you can sometimes find with businesses online. Try human to human marketing by trying to chat to your audience through interesting topics, and establishing your tone of voice within your content. 

Long term success 

The more content you put out, the more it will give back in the long run. That’s because if there’s more things to find, the more things will be found by your target audience. Let your blogs fill the digital realm so that you will get ahead of competitors. One way you’ll do that is through regularly updating your blogs and getting more long-form content out there. You’ll see the benefits incrementally over time, as you build your brand. 

The big reasons blogs are important… 

By doing all of these things, it builds trust. If you have a blog that demonstrates how your products benefit your audience, then they’re more likely to use your business. Blogs are great for showing integrity. You could devise ‘how to’ guides on products to help your customers, or write a case study on a strategy that worked well. These are things that will show your audience that you are different from the rest, because you can show complete authenticity. From there, you will generate leads to more of your target audience and reach more potential customers. You can use blogs within your email marketing strategy, or to show off products and services, or to drive social media traffic; the list goes on. 

To round up, the reasons blogs are so important are…

The benefits of blogs really are endless.  They encourage long term drive for long term success, because the more content and keywords that you have on digital platforms, the more overall reach you will get as a small business. Make sure that you have a blog schedule in your marketing strategy. Are you ready to start blogging and creating content for long term results? 

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reasons blogs are important
Author: Amy Williams
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