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Happy Friyay: Friday week round up from Alcimi

Happy Friyay everyone! Whether it’s a fizz Friday after work, a night in or a reset for Saturday, it’s a nice day to look back at the week that’s been accomplished and review everything that’s been achieved. Let’s sit down and have a cuppa, reflecting on our week in the Alcimi lab with our alchemists. What’s new? Have we learned anything for next week? Been up to different things? Well, it’s an exciting time here at the Alcimi Lab this week,  because we have very exciting things in place for next week, and we want to tell you all about them. Let’s have a look at some of the things that have occurred this week… 

New website… who dis?

This is some very happy Friyay news! You wouldn’t know it right now, but we have a whole new website! We thought it was time for a change, and we’ve given our website a little makeover. We always talk about colour psychology, consistent branding, and updating your website, so we thought we’d put it into practice too. After all, it is correct: you should be updating your website and carrying it through to all of your online platforms. As a digital transformation agency, specialising in web design and web development, this was something our team thoroughly enjoyed. All will be revealed next week!

Email marketing #FTW

We’ve said it before, and we most definitely will say it again. Email marketing is a great thing to do for any business, and because of that we thought: Let’s share our industry knowledge with everyone through an email service. We thought that it would be good for our team to share something that they’ve learnt in the week, so that others gain something from it and can keep up to date with the digital world. Keep an eye out for it going live! 

The metaverse 

You might have listened to our podcast about the metaverse, and the reason that we’ve been discussing it so much is because it’s been such a prolific talking point in the digital sector. The reason for that is because of Facebook launching their upcoming changes to business strategy; Meta will be coming sooner than we think, along with the next steps in the digital world. So, looking back on our week this week, we’ve delved into the new upcoming news so that we can adapt and be agile with the changing digital world that we’re living in. 

Happy Friyay: news to round up the week 

Have you got that Friday feeling? We know we have… 

Mostly because there’s a nice sense of accomplishment when you reach the end of the week and reflect on what has worked well and what hasn’t. When you do that, you’re ready to go into a brand new week, with rigid business strategy, and clear goals for motivation. Are you already thinking about Monday motivation? A Friday roundup is key to pre-empting a successful Monday. What have you done this week? Have you been productive? How can you make next week better? We hope you have a great Friday and feel fully ready for a new week! 

Listen to our podcast – with more about the metaverse – here.

We can help you build a website, implement email marketing and prepare for the future digital world through agile business strategy. Have a chat with us and say hello today to see what we can do!

Happy Friyay
Author: Amy Williams
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