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How to Effectively Use SEO in Your Content

Here we have some tips on how you can do some great content writing, but also rank for it as well. SEO is key to bringing traffic to your site and therefore achieving business growth – do you know how to effectively use it in your content? 

SEO stands for search engine optimization, and it’s used to improve the amount of traffic to your website. There are different ways to excellently optimise the content on your website, and do it well. You can reduce your competition when you know how to rank higher, and your target audience with your customer base will grow enormously. So, sit down, grab a coffee, and read through our tips of how to effectively use SEO in your content. Your competitors are really hoping that you don’t carry on reading… 


This one comes first because it is an important one: enrich your text with keywords. Do your research and think about the best ones that you can rank for. Keywords are extremely important for SEO and are the reason that your customers can find you online. Think about what trends there are at the current moment – what are your customers going to be searching for? How can you help them? These are questions that you need to be thinking about to effectively use keywords in your content. And, make sure that you distribute the keywords evenly across your content as well. 


Your meta description is the main thing that can affect your CTR from the SERP, so make sure that it’s effective. Imagine that someone is browsing through different pages of the search engine results page, and they can only read 160 characters about each one. What would make you stand out? Really think about the effectiveness to grab the reader’s attention; make it short and snappy. Make sure that the keyword is in there, and ensure it is up to 160 characters. That’s an SEO staple. 

Word count 

For effective SEO, and to have a chance of ranking for your content, you will need to think about your word count. 300 words is the minimum for you to be able to have a chance of ranking, so ensure that the content on the pages of your website match this. Similarly, you don’t want to write too many words, because this could overface the customer and then make them click off of your page which leads to a high bounce rate. 

You will need to really evaluate the topic you’re talking about, think of how concisely you can collate your points, and then work out what will be the most effective amount of words on the page. Always think about the target audience for that piece of content and how much written content is needed for the reader to get their answer. If it takes too long, they aren’t likely to stay on your site. 


You really need to think about the H1 in your content. In addition to the H1, you ned to think about the H2 as well as H3. But, H1 is the most important for SEO, so ensure that you pay attention to it. You need to make it catchy, include keywords, and put the keywords at the front of the header. In regards to your H2 and H3, make sure that your keywords are in these, too. Remember, optimising your text is part of SEO, but you also want to make the readability good for your reader, so make sure you use enough headers to split up the text. You don’t want more than 300 words in each section without a heading or subheading. Paying attention to the headers will make your SEO more effective. 

Use links 

Acquire backlinks and also use internal links to other parts of your site. Both of these kinds of links are important for SEO, so make sure that you research the best way to acquire backlinks and how you can get them specifically for your business. Remember that you want your audience to stay on your site, so where might they want to go next? What’s relevant to the page? Really think about your target audience and then provide internal links to make them stay interested and want to stay on your website. This will also reduce bounce rate which is important for good SEO. 

How do I effectively use SEO?

There’s a lot to take in there about SEO, but if you use them all together, you can effectively use SEO in your content. As a result, you will subsequently get a bigger audience reach and more engagement from your customer base. The final tip would be to really think about your competitors and what they’re using; think about competitor analysis and then look at your analytics for comparison. With everything combined, as well as comparing your online strategies with others in your industry, you will be ready for audience growth. You’re well on your way to being an SEO pro – happy optimizing!

We can devise your SEO and content strategy. Contact us so that we can help you. 

How to Effectively Use SEO in Your Content
Author: Amy Williams
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