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Digital Strategy: Have you Seen the Updates?

,If you want innovative digital transformation, then you need to have the best digital platforms for digital strategy. We use to organise, collaborate, and distribute tasks in our team. It means we can be better at team working, understanding the time taken with each task, and generally be better at organisation in everything we do. If there was ever a reason to use, it would be this. Now, they have more updates, and there’s even more reasons why you should look into having So, what are the updates that could improve your digital strategy?

There’s even more emojis 

We love emojis across digital platforms. Now, has given us even more reasons to use them; group titles, column names, status labels and text columns can include them. Bring your to do lists to life and use more emojis within them! Who said that your lists of tasks need to be boring? Emojis even mean that you can save on the words you have to write, too…maybe making your to-do list shorter?!

It’s easier to use GIFs

GIFs are always fun to use… at least we think so in our office! Sometimes, over digital platforms, text and functions can be a bit mundane meaning we crave more interactive features that humanise the digital world. That’s why GIFs are so great when using Well, now, you can use them straight in the Monday docs! There’s no need to click in and out of the document, you’re now able to do it straight from the doc itself, which is just a greater ease.

There’s a new presentation mode

Monday docs are fairly new, but there’s already an update for them! Now, you can present your ideas on Monday work docs so that it’s easy to view by the rest of the team. There’s even different themes that you can choose from so that they’re presented well for everyone to read. And, it’s super easy to do: just click the three dots in the right hand corner to find where it says ‘present mode’.

More visibility with Connect Boards Column

Unlike using pen and paper, digital notes and documents can’t just drop down the back of the sofa. However, you can lose them in spaces of the digital sphere. That’s why it’s important to make use of digital platforms that mitigate your chances of losing what you need or making it harder to find what you need. You can now see linked items in by simply expanding a column, meaning you can find them with complete ease. Efficiency is always key in being more productive and working as effectively as we can, so this function is great for the usability aspect.  The less clicks the better when it comes to trying to find something on a digital platform! updates

Now you’ve seen all of the updates, are you reflecting on your digital platforms and how you utilise them? Sometimes, organisation can seem like it’s boring alongside allocating and delegating in your day to day work operations and tasks. But, these new updates could take that away for you. Take advantage of the digital world and make the most of brilliant digital platforms, like the new updates on!

We can improve your digital strategy and set up your digital platforms to begin your digital transformation. Do you want to look into Contact us and say hello today to see how we can help your small business! updates
Author: Amy Williams
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