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Digital Strategy: What should you consider for business growth?

Digital transformation is a bit of a buzzword, don’t you think? It floats around the digital sphere, without many people knowing what it actually means, or how it can be put into action. That’s where we come in; we are here to show you exactly how digital transformation transforms businesses for business growth through having an effective digital strategy. Actually, it’s not a buzzword, not if you can explain what it is and how it successfully works. 

Fundamentally, your digital strategy is what would drive your success in digital transformation. You want to think about questions: how can my business be more effective in this area? What technology could we benefit from? Once you start focusing on the digital strategy and the company processes around it, is when you will understand how digital transformation can really pioneer change.

Digital strategy for business growth & digital transformation 

Data, devices, media, platforms, technology. They’re all factors in digital transformation, and build the foundations for a digital strategy that incorporates all factors that you can break down and analyse. Let’s explore some of the different things that fall under digital transformation, such as SEO, social media, cyber security, and also how competitor analysis can then affect your digital strategy or help it along. 


Search engine optimization – do you know what it means? Surely, if you follow us here at Alcimi, you’ll know how much we shout about the importance of SEO. When it comes to your digital strategy, you should have it at the focus of your content. It really does encourage our business growth through driving traffic through to your site. This is something that you can only do digitally, because you need to look at your insights, do your research, and monitor everything digitally when it comes to an effective SEO strategy. And, you know where else you can use SEO? Have a look at the next point… 

Social Media 

Using SEO in your social media strategy is imperative to growing your platforms. Think about keywords, hashtags, tagging locations; they all play a part in having a fantastic digital strategy. And, not just SEO, you need to think about a lot in your approach to social media: how are you going to present your brand? This all comes down to combining your brand consistency with your digital strategy and using them hand in hand. If you include social media into your digital strategy, you will see results, but you have to dissect your social media content plan so that it is consistent with your brand to reach your target audience. 

Competitor Analysis 

Talking of social media, you can also have a look at what your competitors are up to as well. Once you have that information, you can define your SEO strategy, see what works best for your social media content, and then review your digital strategy for business growth. This is part of digital transformation; you’re modernising your business processes to be successful in the digital world. 

Target Audience

Moving onto thinking about your target audience for your digital strategy; they play a central part in your approach to everything that you consider. Who are they? What would they want from us? These are just a couple of questions that you need to be asking yourself to form your digital strategy. Once you have thought about your target audience, you can go on to create a bigger audience reach and then begin to tailor your content that way.

Cyber Security

Your digital strategy has to be overlooked by this one, and it’s extremely important: you need a cyber security plan. Think about the data that your business holds and how paramount it is to your business. Cyber crime is catastrophic at the best of times, but when you have a business filled with sensitive data, you have to take even more consideration and protect your data. So, if you’re thinking about your digital strategy or digital transformation, then it’s integral that you look into cyber security options or cyber security consultancy to be advised on options that are the best for you. 

Digital strategy for business growth 

Now, you’re well on your way to forming a robust digital strategy for your business growth. Hopefully you understand the importance of digital strategy. In addition, understand how digital transformation can help drive the success of your small business or charity. These are just a few factors that you can consider to digitally transform your business and really make a change for the better. Want to know any more factors? Get in touch, or tell us your number one tip for forming a digital strategy. We’d love to hear them!

Here at Alcimi, we’d love to help you! Whether it’s a chat about cyber security consultancy, SEO, social media or to run competitor analysis, then get in touch!

Digital strategy for business growth 
Author: Amy Williams
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