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Social Media Secrets for the Charity Sector: Complete Consistency

Psst… we have some social media secrets that we think you might want to know. What’s that you ask? Why should you stay consistent on social media? We’re about to tell you. 

Social media for the charity sector

Social media marketing is one of the best things that you can do for your charity. Social media is prolific in this age, and old school marketing techniques just aren’t going to cut it (sorry!). Make the most of the digital age and make your social content so good that your intended consumers remember you amongst everyone else in your sector. You want to be recognized for all of the incredible work that you do so that you are identifiable through your charitable work and your brand. So when one of your fantastic achievements is spoken about, people say: “oh yeah, that was those guys”.  Here’s how:

Your brand 

Consistency really is key. We spoke about brand consistency for the charity sector in one of our previous blogs, and we’re very passionate about it. But, there’s further ways that you can strengthen your brand, and that’s through social media marketing. When we say consistency is key, it really is the key to success – trust us. You need to make your brand clear over your social media platforms so that they completely reflect your brand and values, and then be sure to do it consistently. And how’s that? Well, one big example is:  pick your main brand colours as a clear colour scheme across all your posts and platforms. Then, be consistent with them and choose the colours that reflect your charity the most. 

Your theme 

Whilst your online branding needs to be consistent, your theme of graphics and videos on social media do, too. So, think about what kind of style you want to put across on social media and the aesthetic of your pages. What kind of message do you want to put across to your audience? Do you want more text based images, graphics, or a mixture? That’s just one example of what to consider. Really think about what you want your theme to be and then stick to it and be consistent with it. Think of your social media pages as your ‘shop front’ – do you want people to walk past it or come through your digital doors to find out more? Make it welcoming for everyone. 

Your tone of voice 

Consistency over social media means that you need to be authentic, too. Make sure that you use a consistent tone of voice over all platforms because this is how your audience will get to know you and then you’ll build trust. Are you wanting to be more formal on social media, or do you want to give off a more social and friendly tone? Switching up your tone of voice across social platforms could confuse your audience and make it harder to establish exactly what you’re about, and the kind of charity that you are. Make sure that you know what your tone of voice is, then make a style guide, and ensure you stick to it consistently. 

Social Media Secrets for the Charity Sector

Shhhh… don’t tell anyone, it’s a secret. You don’t want everyone knowing what the best tips are when it comes to growing your brand. But, if you do use these tips, then we can guarantee that your charity will begin to grow and you will get more interaction online. Are you going to give it a try? Watch your social platforms increase in reach, impressions and engagement, and then consequently your charity grow. If you’re not sure on those terms, don’t worry – we have a blog coming out to explain all about them. Or, better yet, get in touch and we’d be happy to speak to you! We are friendly northerners after all! 

We offer social media marketing services to help charities reach further audiences. Say hello and speak to us today to find out how we can help you!

Social Media for the Charity Sector
Author: Amy Williams
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