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FREE Digital Resources For The Charity Sector: Support

We have some more FREE digital resources for you! Do you need a helping hand with something – some expertise or advice? Look no further, because we’re here to help guide you in the right direction for any organisation, support or volunteer you might need. Last week we gave you free hardware resources, after the first blog which was free software services. Now, we have a bit of everything that’s there for your support; volunteers on the phone to support your queries, websites to support your business strategies, alongside a lot more.  

There are a lot of different places which can offer their help in your sector, and all as free resources for you. There are organisations, support and volunteers that are available just in the tap of a finger. Take a look below for who could help…

IT Support 

We all get some IT issues in time, and we all know how hard it can be to resolve them if we don’t know what direction to go in. I really don’t know anyone who hasn’t become frustrated with technology at some point or another. Luckily there’s some IT support on hand, specifically for charities…

If that’s you and you’re having some technical issues, you can get in touch with CITA for some  IT support. They are fully funded by partners and individual donors, accessible by charities. They give support and advice for if you might be struggling with any technical issues that you can’t resolve yourself. 

You can register your interest and start from there; CITA will give you all the IT resources that you need to meet your charitable aims. They have worked with over 700 charities and are an efficient way to get the help you need. 

Digital helping hand

In the digital world, there is a lot of design and development work that can sometimes be frustrating if you’re not sure where to start.  We’ve found some resources that are on hand for your support, and to assist in digital work so you have the guidance you need.

The first one we’ve found for you is Donate Code , which is a designer and volunteer network that can help with your projects at no extra cost. They’ve got software developers, graphic designers, IT professionals, with a wealth of knowledge and expertise to assist in your digital questions. 

There’s an organisation that helps with all digital problems; Digital Candle that gives free digital advice to charities. They offer a one hour phone call with a digital expert and they can talk you through anything you’re unsure about in the digital world. Head over to their website, fill in a form, and then you will be contacted by a member of the team. How helpful!

You can also take a look at Founders & Coders for some digital services. They have a programme for charities to learn product management to test and design digital services. It’s perfect for if you want to 

Check out Digital Garage for Google’s online learning; its all free, and you can find resources for data, tech, digital marketing, and more to help digitise your charity.  

Hub Spot Academy – you can find courses to know your business knowledge; they have courses for a lot of different digital skills, including online marketing and sales.

Do you want to learn the basics of digital? Take a look at Accenture. You can gain online digital skills at any level, from basic to advanced

Fundraising help 

Fundraising is a big thing for the charity sector and we understand that. That’s why we’ve had a look for the best resources that can assist in donor management alongside other things as free digital resources for you. 

If you think donor management could be handy for you, then check out Donorfy. There are up to 500 free records and you can look into reporting and analytics. If you want some fundraising support, then they’re the ones to use, get in contact with Donorfy to get started. 

Red Cloud is a donation manager and they have a suite of software, CRM, donations, alongside more. Basically, it’s got everything you could possibly need to make your life easier where donations or fundraising are concerned. And, it’s super easy to set it up; just go on the website and sign up for free – it’s available for all UK charities. 


And, from fundraising, we have some accounting resources. Use these if you’re in a position where you need a hand managing your accounts, or systems for codes, transactions and reports. 

For core and advanced accounts, use Benchmarking. They have free software for accounting which can offer support for any of the accounting help that you need. 

Manage your finances by getting help from SAGE Foundation where they offer software donations. It gives you good insights to your business finances so that you can get organised. Have a look on their website for more information.

Work Management for your needs

We know that working in the charity sector is fast paced, so we’ve had a look at tools that can help you stay organised for ultimate productivity. If you need any assistance with efficiency of tasks, or scheduling of your working day, then these resources will be great for you and your team. 

We’ve already told you about our love for Slack,and it’s a great work management tool that you can use to benefit your working day. You can collaborate, communicate and allocate tasks easily on Slack. If you go on their website, there are instructions on how to set it up, and charities get discounts on the price! 

You can have a look on MRBS for free meeting resources to set up, book and schedule any meetings needed. Having a timely schedule can be made so much easier with this resource, so take a look on the website for more information and how to sign up. 

Organise tasks and manage projects with Trello where you can set up boards and lists for your team. When working in a fast paced environment, tools for organisation and time efficiency are extremely helpful, so it may be worth having a look at Trello’s services. You can go on the website and sign up for free!

Free digital resources to support you

Hopefully you found those resources useful – if not for now – for the future. Save this one for if ever you are in a position where you need some support and need it quickly. There is plenty out there if you need a helping hand for various business needs, with simple processes and a variety of different kinds of services to meet your charitable needs and any help that you require. We’ve got a lot more coming up for you in the rest of the series, keep an eye out for more free charity resources coming your way! And if you missed the last ones.. 

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Click here for FREE charity  hardware resources (blog 2 if the series) 

Here at Alcimi, we offer services to charities and advice on your digital transformation. Get in contact today to see how we can help you. 

Free digital resources
Author: Amy Williams
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