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The Secret to Your Small Business Achieving 2022 Goals

January is nearly over and that means we’re one month into 2022… already?! Time goes fast but now it’s a good time to reflect and have a look at the past month and see what goals you’ve reached already in the year of 2022. What are your priorities? Have you managed to complete any goals, or are you still trying to construct a strategy that helps you to accomplish your business aims? Well, we’ve got some secrets for you to listen to, in order to help you find yourself in the best position you can in February. Here are some secrets for your small business achieving 2022 goals:

Stay organised 

Organisation is always the best route for success. The question is: how do you become organised effectively? There are a few different structures that can help you in your approach and the strategy going forward for the year. A good one to start with is using SMART goals, which is an acronym that details how you can plan your business goals to achieve successful results. 

Set your SMART goals 

Have you heard of SMART goals before or used them in your small business? They are a great way to plan your route to reaching your business aims. You can focus your attention on what really needs to be addressed in your business so that you can have a realistic plan to reach the end goal. We’re going to tell you how to set them:


Make sure that you make your goals specific and you think about the 5 Ws: what, where, why, when, which? There is no point in making a goal that isn’t extremely clear in what it will affect and how it will affect your business. Separate goals this way and then make it extra specific to business needs. 


You need to ensure that your goals are measurable. What results do you want to get? Will they show up in your metrics and analytics? These are questions that you need to ask the team and make sure that you have a clear way to measure the goals and the progress that you are making, so that you can consequently measure the progress and regress that you are making and can therefore be agile. Being agile is always the way to accomplish goals more effectively.


Remember, being ambitious is always good, but you do need to be realistic. If you want to achieve your goals, then you need to make them achievable. That might sound obvious, and even easy to do, but it is something to keep in mind. What goals have you achieved previously? Make sure that you work on your strategy through reviewing the data that you already have in your business and then that will make it achievable.


It might sound obvious, but make sure that your goal is relevant to what you want to achieve, and that’s in reference to the bigger picture for your long term goals. Think about border business needs and how the particular goal fits in with that; a strategy can be formed if you have goals that are aligned with objectives that you have in place.


You need to have a time limit and understand exactly how long it will take you to reach your goals. That way, you can have a clear deadline for when you want to accomplish them. Think realistically about how long it will take you to reach that point and then you can track your progress and the time constraint means that you have a sense of urgency. 

Leverage technology

Use the technology that is available to you through creating a digital strategy. There’s a magnitude of tools in the digital sphere that can help you to reach your goals with ease. That means tracking progress, being organised, speaking to your team, and being aware of deadlines. That’s only touching the surface with what you can use to help you reach your goals, but there’s something in the digital world for any business need. 

Use the best digital platforms

You will have heard us talk about using the best digital platforms, and that’s because they’re so effective. Having digital project management tools can ensure that you keep on track with deadlines and you can be proactive which will lead to you reaching your 2022 goals even quicker. We use, Slack and Sprout Social as some of our digital platforms, and they set us up for being on track to reach our 2022 goals. 

Small Business Achieving 2022 Goals

Small businesses focusing on a good marketing strategy and having a clear business plan on specific measurable goals are the ways that 2022 can be your year. Ensure that you stay organised and make the most of technologies so that you can measure success and be the most effective that you can be. 2022 is for the best version of your small business. These are the secrets to your small business achieving 2022 goals… are you going to use them?

Here at Alcimi, we specialise in digital transformation, leveraging technology for effective digital strategy. Contact us today and say hello to find out how we can help you!

Small Business Achieving 2022 Goals
Author: Amy Williams
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