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Data is essential

Data is essential for an effective charity, and many organisations are aware that effectively using data can help them achieve their goals.

However alot of charities are often intimidated by data, we often see that charities are sitting on a wealth of information but struggle to to turn it into actionable insights that will allow them to review, learn and improve their work. Data doesn’t have to be frightening, when used properly it can help you make a positive difference to people’s lives.

Integrate All Your Marketing Platforms

Switching between platforms is a pain—at least it used to be. With over 70 marketing integrations, you have access to all the data you need to succeed. From SEO, PPC, Social, Email, Call Tracking, and more, you’ll have access to all your data in a single, intuitive interface.

Marketing moves fast, and so do we. With new integrations released each month, we’ll keep you up to speed with all your data in one place.

Custom Dashboards

You’ll never have to worry about missing data or get confused with all of your different sources again because we’ve got you covered. Our dashboards let you make decisions quickly and efficiently by giving you access to the most detailed insights into what’s happening online right now.

With the help of our custom dashboards, you will be able to identify what is working, what is not and why. We will build personalised dashboards that provide granular insight into all aspects of digital activities across 70+ integrations.

With marketing analytics at your fingertips, you can finally shift focus from data Entry to Analysis.

Need Reports, No Problem

Reporting on your marketing efforts is a necessary evil, but it can be really time consuming and tedious. Not only do you have to gather all the data, you then have to spend hours formatting it into a report that’s easy to understand. And then you have to email it or print it out so that you can review it with your team.

Alcimi Analytics takes all the hassle out of reporting. We’ll set up automated reports for you based on the metrics you want to track, and we’ll send them to you daily, weekly or monthly. So you can spend less time gathering data and more time taking action on what the data tells you.

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