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Clever Company

Growing a multi million e-commerce market

Clever Company is an national award winning Inflatable Hot Tub company. The Brief was to grow their e-commerce market for CleverSpas via their website, social media, PPC, email marketing, re-targeting, and paid media to boost sales.

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Campaign in figures

Website visits growth

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The Challenge...

Champagne PIAFF is a premium champagne brand based in London. The Brief was to take over social media management for the duration of the paid media campaign to boost December sales.


With the aim being to attract both these target audiences, the usability of the site had to meet the functions needed. The brand also had to appeal to both the customer bases too. Taking both of these requirements into account, the requirements included were the web design, full website development, designing a logo, writing all the website copy, seasonal booking features, and using animation over the site.

The Solution...

To ensure brand development and more sales leads, we knew our strategy had to be campaign focused. We began the social strategy by identifying the target audience through in depth research. Once we had this information, we began to plan the ad campaigns and decided what strategy would be the most effective for potential customers.


We researched the potential audience through used data from historical transactions which then identified the ideal demographic of the target audience. From here, we created a range of highly segmented, super-targeted ad campaigns across Facebook and Instagram to target a new audience. We captured emails to send discount information and then constructed an ad that was a direct link to the shop. Once the email lead gen advert had generated a new sales target list, we did an e-shot campaign with targeted historic and newly signed up potential customers.

The client had a specific need for a seasonal booking feature, which meant that the price would change when specific dates were changed. Peak times such as school holidays would need to change to various different price ranges on a week-by-week basis. Therefore, the seasonal booking system added flexibility in price and allowed complete agility in line with business needs. In addition to the tutorial on the CRM system and the guidance with SEO, we also provided the client with a social launch plan in order to fall in line with the business launch. We knew that social media marketing would enhance the growth of the brand and Wild Oyster as a small business that had just started out.

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There were +108% in website visits which meant that the sales leads had been successful. There was a 73% success rate for regionalised ad strategy to target London consumers. The December December ad campaign had a total of CTR 1.13% +100% and an Average CPC of £0.34. The promotional email campaign had a 35% open rate, 3.3% click rate, leading to +70% in sales and an increase of +161% of orders. This resulted in further audience reach and more sales leads.

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