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GM Risk Group

Refreshing a global brand

GM Risk Group needed a re-brand to suit their new audience as the company grew and adapted to business needs.

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The Challenge...

GM Risk Group needed a re-brand to suit their new audience as the company grew and adapted to business needs. The brief was to modernise the brand to suit the new media and channels on which the company would be promoting itself on. This was led by social media in order to sit well alongside large global brands.

The Solution...

To build a brand which shows the global scale of the company, we decided to use a moving image of a globe on the header of the home landing page. The colour scheme established the brand as global, professional, and trusted; colours include grey, black, white, blue and red. The grey and red in the colour scheme were taken from their previous branding, with red connoting the danger and risk element.


The layout was purposely to replicate the digital and print marketing material that was already in circulation, as the client had requested. As the website's main requirement was to "flow", and also keep the viewer engaged, we used interactive features along with the video to help generate this. We then repeated this on mobile, as that is the main source of client traffic - not just across their sector - but worldwide.

To anchor this, the landing pages were image heavy to demonstrate the work that is done by GM Risk Group, and showcase their different services. To fit in with the brief and make the website promote its services whilst being informative, we added buttons in every section where users could read more into the services and work that is offered.


To grow the client base and achieve a bigger audience reach, we carried out keyword research and competitor analysis to result in good SEO. This was used to devise a strategy in order to rank higher than others in the industry and support business growth.

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