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After providing their services to Hunted on Channel 4, amongst other worldwide clients, Summis approached us with a challenge of modernising their web design and marketing material.

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The Challenge...

A leading specialist risk management and intelligence company, Summis Global are dedicated to providing government level services to corporate and private clients. Due to the nature of the industry, the project was content led rather than website driven, as the website was an extension of the marketing material.


Summis already had their brand in place, and they wanted to develop their web design to promote their services. Already have a worldwide audience, the designs needed to be attached to the marketing material and right for the modern market, being good for both the industry and its clients. The challenge was to build a new website and provide all of the marketing content for social media - such as images and videos for YouTube and LinkedIn - online brochures, and email collateral. The objective of this was to promote all of their services and to build the website on a platform suitable to the client's requirements.

The Solution...

To approach the challenge, we thought about how we would keep the branding consistent throughout the website and marketing material.


The brochures, images, and videos needed to include the combined elements of building the brand new website. Both the online brochure and website needed to mirror each other for marketing purposes, to demonstrate the services and go hand in hand.

The website was hosted securely and we matched marketing content up to the new website. We ensured that the brochures matched the branding and that this followed through to social media content. We provided images for social media, and also embedded videos to the site to showcase services.


To match the brief, we ensured that all online platforms had a slick and clean design, following the previous colour scheme through, and being shown as prosperously evolved.

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At the end of the project, the branding content was complete and fulfilled the aim of having content supplied for the target audience. The website acted as the face of the company, being less focused on being a traffic-driven platform as per the client’s specification, with more attention being on marketing material; brochures, images, graphics and videos were all provided to be shown to potential Summis customers. The client was completely happy with the end result and all requirements were met by us, leaving the client with success for the promotion of services.

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