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The Hawkhills

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The Hawkhills is an elegant stately home built in the 1700’s, and it is now open for members of the public to hire out for different events. It’s a stunning venue that can be chosen for weddings and conferences, and is in an idyllic setting with many different functions.

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The Challenge...

We were asked to create a new website and to do social media management for The Hawkhills, with the main objective being to increase brand awareness and lead generation. With The Hawkhills being a venue that caters for a vast variety of events, there were a lot of sales opportunities which needed to be covered on all online platforms. Find out how we achieved a 200% increase in organic traffic search to support The Hawkhills in creating more sales leads.

The Solution...

Our strategy going forward was to think about what kind of style and branding the website would need to make it stand out from competitors. We needed to think about the website’s functionality for customers and SEO to monitor business insights and analyse CTR. When it came to social media, we decided to use an omnichannel strategy to cater to different audiences and improve customer experience by building better relationships on all different channels.


Due to The Hawkhills being a wedding venue, we knew that we had to keep growing the following of future brides, but gain a new focus for the primary driver of social media. The second action that we took to change our strategy was to look at what would gain the most traction. As restrictions eased, we decided to remarket The Hawkhills as a staycation venue, because large weddings and conferences were still unable to go ahead, but UK holidays became more popular at this time.

To focus on the staycation aspect, we changed our social media strategy to look at what would attract customers to the area and venue itself. We came from the angle of the venue being in a remote area and also close to York, so we used the location as the forefront of our social media content. We researched events around local areas and also looked at events that were happening nearby, and then we used this information to cater our approach as marketing the venue as a staycation destination.


We also used relevant hashtags of nearby attractions and tagged nearby locations to reach a wider audience. This was an essential part of our marketing strategy for a staycation venue because if people looked for nearby locations, there was the prosperity of The Hawkhills appearing on the explore page of socials, and therefore being seen by the targeted audience. We then began posting about local areas and events that were close by, to bring attention to the area and therefore encourage engagement on social platforms. We knew that, as a marketing strategy, we would use a creative calls to action across all platforms. We knew that we would use them to inspire wedding views and also get engagement around the other uses of the venue.

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We built a bespoke website that included B2B and B2C bookings. This was eye catching for future brides, and also showed off the variety of different uses that the venue has, like staycations and conference space. We decided to build an interactive website, and therefore used motion and animation to give a competitive edge. On the website, and across all online platforms, we used SEO to attract more site traffic. This meant that we could measure the success of engagement and be agile in our approach to content strategy. The social strategy was executed by having Facebook as the primary social platform, and we made it as interactive as possible. We allowed people to share reviews, we gathered customer feedback, and we engaged with people on posts and comments. We also set up Google My Business as another way to stay present online and maintain relationships. It allowed us to keep potential customers updated and informed, where they could share reviews and consequently build trust for the brand. When it came to creative calls to action, we made sure that we interacted with all different and potential audiences. We attracted different audiences by linking to different landing pages and using different languages to encourage interaction. The omnichannel strategy maximised lead generation for a variety of different events. The online content maintained a lot of attention, and we also leveraged user-generated content to celebrate previous wedding guests.

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